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Awesome Science – Explore Mount St. Helens with Noah Justice

awesome-science-mt-st-helens-(dvd)Awesome Science – Explore Mount St. Helens with Noah Justice (Episode 5)
Published at Master Books

About the DVD

The first DVD series for teens by teens showing how science & the Bible agree!

  • Hosted by the engaging 14-year-old host, Noah Justice
  • Evidence of biblical history and truth at some of the world’s most amazing destinations
  • Fast-paced and informative presentations with a biblical worldview are filmed on location at these national parks
  • Study guides create educational opportunities for home or church study

The Awesome Science video series takes teens and adults on a field trip around the world to explore geologic and historical evidence which supports the biblical record. Innovative, high-quality, and designed to make science fun, this new series for the whole family helps discover evidences that the Bible is the true history book of the world!

About the Study Guide

This study guide is available for each Awesome Science DVD (a new series from Master Books). These help create a reflective learning situation after viewing each exciting episode, and are filled with substantial discussion questions, fill in the blank, true and false, as well as bonus activities. Can be used in Science and religion class - also would be great for church youth groups.

Our Thoughts

My oldest son was very excited when we received the latest three dvds of Noah Justice and his Awesome Science series.  We have both been waiting about these after we discovered the first three episodes last year.   These DVDs bring to life the understanding of the catastrophic Great Flood and will provide you with clear explanations and evidence found in the real world and based on the Bible.  

Do you remember where you were on May 18th, 1980?   That’s when Mount St. Helens in Washington State erupted and caused the largest landslide in modern human history.    I don’t know what I was doing back then as I was eleven years old.  More than likely I was in school and probably didn’t react to this catastrophic event much.   I would have been in grade 6 back then.    Nowadays, I see the advantage in learning more about such events happening in nature and being a Christian I want my kids to understand and be able to explain how the Great Flood really happen contrary to how scientists these days are saying…

This DVD and its study guide will not only present you the history of Mount St. Helens but will demonstrated how this event that happened 32 years ago can explain and support the evidence of the Biblical account of the flood.    Not only will you be able to defend your faith in the Noah’s story but you will also learn quite a bit on rapid erosion, coal formation and quick biologic recovery.   You will also explore with Noah how canyons, stratified layers and petrified forests can be formed rapidly during a catastrophic event like the eruption of Mount St. Helens.   Noah will also bring you inside a chamber where lava used t flow and explore a tunnel left by a tree under the ground.   My kids were in awe of these two explorations and now want to go visit the places where Noah has brought us.

The Study Guide is perfect to reinforce the learning done during the session on DVD. It contains bonus activities, a complete word list, key concepts to discover, some fill in the blanks sentences, some true or false statements as well as discussion questions.  All these can be used to test your student in his/her comprehension as well as deepen the learning done while watching the DVD.   I really love having the study guide with me when we watch the DVD.  I only wish that this study guide could fit in the DVD box for easy storage…

These DVDs were made for an audience on children and teens.  However, I find that it is a better fit for ages 10 and up as my younger kids will loose their concentration after a while and my almost nine years old son has missed some of the information shared by Noah.  However, the Awesome Science DVDs are so packed with information that I would strongly recommend that you watch them more than once in order to fully process all you can learn from them.   Literally, Noah doesn’t stop a minute to let you catch your breath.  He will repeat some key information in the DVD but still I think that watching the DVDs more than once or twice would be a good habit due to the fast pace.   The lessons are educational and entertaining in themselves.   I am very impressed with the quality of the videos and the information contained in them.

Other DVDs are available in the Awesome Science series; Explore the Grand Canyon, Explore Yellowstone, Explore Meteor Crater and Petrified Forest, Explore Yosemite and Zion National Parks, and Explore John Day Fossil Beds. All these DVDs will deepen your knowledge and understanding of creation science as it will use the biblical worldview to bring science to life.

Interested in watching what Awesome Science is?   Check out this preview.

There is a Book and a Bite Facebook Party on Thursday January 17th, 2013 from 8pm till 9pmCST.

Simply click on the image below if you want more information and to RSVP.  There is also a pre-party prize so come early.   Other prizes include an Awesome Science DVD as well as some Newman’s Own Organics cookies.  

Plus your kids can participate with you at this party because Noah Justice himself will be there to answer their questions. 


The DVD Awesome Science – Explore Mount St. Helens is available at your favourite bookstore, even at

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