Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tutu Fabulous

My sweet daughter has started pre-ballet classes through our city thanks to a gift certificate I won while filling up a survey from the City.  So I decided that she could enjoy dance classes as she loves to twirl around in the living room and elsewhere in the house.   My first pick got cancelled because of low registration so I decided to go with pre-ballet lessons.   TiedyePunchprincesstutu

Now after her first lesson I checked some possibilities of reviewing a tutu for her.   And Tutu Fabulous graciously responded positively to my request. 

While visiting their website, one particular tutu grabbed my attention as it would perfectly fit with her pink or purple bodysuit.     The Tie Dye Punch Princess Tutu is  signature dress up tutu. These tutus feature our exclusive satin skirt, surrounded by a lovely tulle and topped off with an oh so cute ribbon. These tutus are great to wear, for dress up, and costume tutus are perfect for Halloween or any time your little girl wants to be a princess.  The tutu comes with an adjustable cordlock that will stretch the waist from 2 to 38" to make it one size fits most.   It is ideal for little girls ages 1 through 10.

So I waited patiently for the tutu to arrive.  One cold January afternoon, my oldest son went to the mailbox and came back with a special package.  I knew immediately that the tutu had come in but I waited until supper time to show it to my sweet five year old daughter.  Her eyes sparkled and she was delighted to have a new tutu to bring at her ballet lesson.   Every week, she keeps asking if her class is the next evening.   Every time I have to tell her no but it will come soon.  Tuesdays is a special day for her because she knows that she will go learn something new at her class.

Every Tuesday night when she comes back from ballet lesson, she is very excited to show us – parents and brothers – the new things she learned.  She is adorable and completely spunky.   I love my girl to pieces and I can see that she enjoy dancing.

Here’s the latest things she showed us.    She was very proud to have her new tutu for the class this week!


Now talking about the tutu itself.   I am very impressed with the way it was sew together.   Jasmine has another tutu at home but it’s not showing the high quality and time spend in making this one.   Under the tulle, you will discover a satin skirt that makes this tutu even more special for ballet classes.  The tulle itself is even sown with the satin which helps to keep the tulle in place.   And the bow at the front of it completes the tutu.   My daughter is planning to wear it every time she is practicing her ballet positions and when she wants to dance.  She is even talking about trick-or-treating as  ballerina next Halloween (but we shall see the temperature….). 

Tutu Fabulous has numerous colors available for their tutus and each of them are high quality.   Their tutus are currently available on their website for the price of 24.99$ (sale price).


Tutu Fabulous has graciously agreed to give one tutu for a giveaway.  The winner is free to choose whichever style - they will receive a gift certificate to use on the site.

All you have to do is to follow the instructions below.

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Disclaimer: Thanks to Tutu Fabulous for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.


  1. I really like the Rainbow Sherbert tutu and would give it to my 4 yr. old (soon to be 5) daughter for her b-day :D

  2. Firecracker or Tye Dye are the ones I like. Seeing as I have 4 daughters within the recommended age range...they would likely share it, but likely the youngest would get the most use out of it!

  3. My 5 y.o. girl prefere the Tie Dye Punch Princess Tutu, and I agree: your daugther look fabulous in it :)

  4. The dress up doll tutu would actually be my preference! My daughter's 18" doll would love it!
    Alternatively, the Girly Girl Tutu would be loved by my 7 year old daughter.

  5. I would chose the Rainbow Sherbet Princess tutu for my grand-daughter who is 5 years old and love ballet.

  6. What a sweetie, I'm sure she'll be light on her feet, given her mom's 'fairy' status! Little Gracie would love one of thee TuTus!

  7. I would get the Sugar Plum Fairy & my little girl is 3

  8. I would get Pinktastic princess tutu for a very special little girl in my heart who is 4yrs old

  9. I would pick Circus Surprise for my 4yo. She loves color!

  10. Girly girl for my 4 year old girly girl.

  11. I would chose the rainbow one for my niece :D (leaving a second post as I don't see my original :P)