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Hit the Trail

IMG_1995Hit the Trail
From Education Outdoors

About the game

Can you be the first hiker to hike 100 miles in the new dice / card game “Hit the Trail”? “Hit the Trail” comes packaged in a mini backpack which includes 72 cards, 3 dice, and pencil. How the game is played: Deal 7 cards out to each player. Each player picks a card and lays it face up. (This is where the strategy comes in) Do you pick a lower point card or a higher point card? Youngest player then rolls the three dice – trying to match one of the die or combination of dice to their card amount which is face up. Each time the die/dice combination match the players card that is face up, the player gets to move the card into their “mile pile” trying to be the first to hike 100 miles. But, beware of getting caught with a “cooler card” – like the mother bear & cubs in the trail. If you get caught with one of the three cooler cards – you loose 10 miles. Other twists in the game include bonus rolls if the player’s dice total the card amount that is face up. Don’t forget to look out for the trips /doubles rule which is when any of the dice come up with doubles or triples. You take a card from the person to your right. The age range is 8+ and is for 2-4 players.

Our Thoughts

One stormy Monday afternoon,I asked my two oldest if they wanted to play a game with me.   I took out the Hit the Trail that I had received about two weeks before and we explored it together.   I played one game with them and then let them play by themselves once while I took pictures.   Laughter was present as we discovered this easy to play game.   As I am writing this they are continuing to play eagerly at the dining table.   I believe the game is a hit for these two boys of mine…

The game comes with instructions, pencils to keep track of the score, the cards.   The whole game is package in a delightful mini backpack.  I am very impressed with the originality of the packaging.  However, I must say that my sweet five years old daughter has discovered that the backpack is perfect to go on her Léonie doll and she has requested (very politely I must say) if she could get it.   I have agreed to this request and consequently our game will be store in a plastic container for the time being.  Nevertheless, I really love the mini backpack which is perfect for a game about hiking…


The goal of the game is to be the first player to hike 100 miles.   When I played with them, the game didn’t last long because within two turns, I had reached the goal of 100 miles.    (I guess mom has more strategy than the boys…) So they were more than willing to play by themselves.   Each player receives 7 cards and as the game goes on, you have to roll dice in order to determine if you can keep the card you have put on the table, if your pick a random card from someone else hand and so on.   Remember the goal is to reach 100 miles (or kilometers depending of where you are living!).

We had a blast playing this quick game which will allow your kids to practice mathematics with adding (or subtracting if you get a penalty card) the points after a run.


My poor Dominic was always the one who got the penalty cards…    I must admit that at first I was confused with the penalty cards but after taking a few minutes to figure it out, I think they are a good twist to the game.  However, I would have preferred more penalty cards in order to make the game more challenging.


In the end, the kids had a great time playing with mom and with each other.  The game is definitively a great one to bring while going camping.    It can keep the kids occupied for a period of time and give you a break at the same time.  

You can purchase Hit the Trail at the store of Education Outdoors for the price of 12.99$.  

And as for our mini backpack, my daughter will probably snag it after her nap.   Léonie will be all ready for camping this summer!

Disclaimer: Thanks to Education Outdoors for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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