Friday, January 18, 2013

Praying Circles around Your Children

9780310325505Praying Circles around Your Children
From Mark Batterson
Published at Zondervan

About the book

Based on his New York Times bestseller, The Circle Maker, Mark Batterson shows ordinary parents how to become extraordinary influencers in the lives of their children through prayer in Praying Circles around Your Children. You'll never be a perfect parent, but you can be a praying parent!

My Thoughts

I was expecting a book.  I received a booklet.  My first reaction was “What the heck?” but when I started to read it I realized that I could improve my prayer time for my kids.   And I got new ideas and opportunities to do so.  

The booklet contains nine chapters which starts with an introduction on praying circles if you haven’t read the book The Circle Maker – like me. From there, you  are propelled into praying in circles for your kids.  The first circle consist of circling the promises of God for your kids.   Then you are instructed in making prayers lists, creating prayer mantras, forming praying circles and praying through the Bible.   The book can easily be read in one day but I suggest that you take one chapter at a time and ponder on what you have read.    It will help you to stretch the potential of praying for your kids and develop new techniques in doing so.

Needless to say you can judge a book by its cover or the size of it.  This little gem is packed with great ideas on how to get your prayers for your kids even more meaningful and according to God’s will for them.   No two children is the same.   I sure know that praying for my four kids differ in many ways.   I have three boys who are quite different in character from each other and then God blessed us with a marvelous spunky girl.    Each of these kids are unique in many ways whether in their learning or in their way of dealing with things.  Consequently, I can’t think that one prayer fits all…   No sometimes, I will need to pray for God to help one of my child to understand his math lesson because he has more trouble learning or pray that another one learn self-control when we ask him to stop doing something instead of continuing whatever he is doing that gets on our nerves.   This booklet is a great reminder for me that my kids are different and consequently my prayers for each of them should be different as well.

I would recommend that every Christian parents get this booklet in order to spice up their prayers for their kids. 

On another note, I had received two other copies of the booklet to give away.   I have decided to bless my two sister-in-laws with them because I know that they would want to expand their prayers for their own kids as well.    With the guidance of Mark Batterson, I suspect that my kids, nephews and nieces will be covered in prayers in various ways through their life.

Praying Circles Around Your Children is available at your favourite bookstore, even and


The booklet is also available for the Kindle.


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