Saturday, December 14, 2013

Boom Boom Balloon

By Spin Master

About the game

It’s Boom Boom Balloon, the crazy game where you take turns keeping the balloon from popping.  Roll the die and carefully push in a stick until it clicks.  Watch as the balloon changes shape – will the next click make it pop?  It’s the ultimate game of anticipation where you never know when the balloon will go BOOM!

My Thoughts

The idea of this game is simple really.  Blow a balloon, set it in the stand and taking turn you have to insert of stick and hope that the balloon won’t pop up.    In a way the game will challenge you to defy the law of science.  How can the balloon stay put with imagebursting? 

As much as I find this game original, I wonder what happens when there isn’t any more balloons to use in the box.  Can you use regular balloon?  And if not, where could you get a pack of extra balloons?

Being a mom, I know how kids react differently to sudden noise.   Some kids will laugh while others might start crying.   A balloon popping can be unnerving for a young child.    I am unsure how this game will be welcomed in family who will get it.  Part of me like the challenge and somewhat like to be on the edge when playing a game.  But the other side of me, it not enjoying the idea of having a balloon popping suddenly.  

Other families might enjoy this kind of game but I have mixed feelings about it.  I suspect that you could use regular balloons when you have used all the ones included in the box.  I find this game to be good for fearless kids and families.

BOOM BOOM BALLOON is available at your favourite toy store, even and


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