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LEGO Adventure Book Volume 2

LEGOAdventure2_cover_webLego Adventure Book Volume 2
By Megan H. Rothrock
Published at no starch press

About the book

Join Megs and Brickbot on another exciting tour of LEGO® building in this second volume of The LEGO Adventure Book series. As they track the Destructor and rebuild the models he destroys, you’ll follow along and meet some of the world’s best builders. Learn to create sleek spaceships, exotic pirate hideaways, re-breathing dragons, fast cars, and much more. With nearly 40 step-by-step breakdowns and 100 example models, The LEGO Adventure Book is sure to spark your imagination and keep you building!

About the author

Megan Rothrock is a former set designer for the LEGO Group whose models have been displayed at ComicCon and at LEGO events across Europe. Rothrock enjoys meeting builders at LEGO fan events and hopes that her book will inspire the LEGO builders of tomorrow. Originally from California, she currently lives in Denmark where she works as a freelance toy designer.

My Thoughts

I had the opportunity to review the first book titled The Lego Adventure Book and my kids really enjoyed it.  So when I saw the the 2nd volume has been published I knew that it would be a treasured book that my kids would enjoy looking and discover.    Knowing how they love Lego bricks, I expect them to build some of the ideas find in this book.

This book is very similar than to previous volume but it will concentrate on building spaceships, pirates, dragons & more.   In all you will find 100 models, and nearly 40 brick-by-brick breakdowns that will provide guidance for your kids to build some of the models in it.  Personally, I would like to have more Tbrick-by-brick breakdowns in the book but not having them can challenge my kids to be ingenious and try to recreate some of the other models found in the book.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Back to the Idea Lab
Chapter 2: Victorious Vipers
Chapter 3: Service with a Smile
Chapter 4: A Ferry Nice Build
Chapter 5: Castaway's Cove
Chapter 6: The Tudors
Chapter 7: On Set: STAR CLUTCH
Chapter 8: Destruction Zone
Chapter 9: A Veritable Fortress
Chapter 10: Brick Friends
Chapter 11: A LEGO Legend Calls

As you can see from the table of content, the book is packed with fun things to build and see.   Throughout the book, the child can also read the little comic strips made out of Lego and learn from expert builders from around the world.

See some of the models you can find in the book below.



I personally love the medieval town as well as the treasure island that can be found in the page of this book.  But the building doesn’t stop to the big models.   It also includes little details like how to build tulips, a movie camera, flowers pots, and a classic kitchen.   Let me tell you that kitchens in the world of Lego have come a long way because I remember having the kitchen kit when I was younger…  And yes I still have the bricks of that set and the instructions as well!


But right after the instructions on how to build the kitchen in the book, you can see the classroom and cooking lessons which were made following the same instructions in a way.  Packed with Lego Friends characters, I think my girl will really love to see this made up by her brothers…

The book is definitively a great item to consider as a Christmas gift if you have Lego fans in your home.   The book will provide a lot of imagination and challenge for your brick builders.  

The Lego Adventure Book Volume 2 is available for purchase at your favourite bookstore, even amazon.ca and amazon.com.






Disclaimer: Thanks to no starch press for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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