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By Rio Grande Games

About the product

This is a reprint of a popular game – Balloon Cup – but with the original theme from the designer, Stephen Glenn.

In Pinata, the players compete to collect the colored candy that is inside the pinata.  When a player has collected enough candy of a given color, he earns the medal card for that color.   The first player to earn 3 medal cards is the winner.   The players play their cards next to several mats on the table.  Players usually play their cards on their side of the mats, but they may sometimes play on their opponent’s side, a move that can ruin their opponent’s plans.  

Includes 54 playing cards, 5 medal cards, 45 colored candies, 4 mat, 1 bag.

My Thoughts

Two players willing  to spend 45 minutes or so having a good time while playing a game.  That’s all it takes for this game called Pinata.   All you have to do for setting up this game it to place the four mats in a row between the two players.   It doesn’t matter which sides are face up at the beginning of a game.   Then you need to place the candies in the bag and mix them.     Randomly draw candies and place them on the mats in this sequence:  mat 1 will get 1 candy, mat 2 will have 2 candies and so on until you get 4 candies on mat 4.   So far so good…

Once the candies are placed on the mats, you have to shuffle the cards and deal eight cards to each player.   You have to keep you card secrets from your opponent.   Place the remaining cards face down as a supply next to the board.   A discard stack will form next to it as you play.  

When it is your turn to play, you have to select a card from your hand and place it face up next to the mat of your choice.   If you cannot play a card, you have to show the cards to your opponent who has the possibility to discard as many cards as he/she wishes.  The number of candies on a mat determines the number of cards that must be played.   Also the colors of candies determine the colors of the cards that must be played.  

When the required number of cards has been played on both side of the mat, it is scored.   Basically, you win the candies found on a mat.  When you collect candies, you have to check to see if you may collect a medal card.    The game ends when a player was able to collect the three medal cards.  

As per previous games I have received from Rio Grande Games, I am impressed with the quality poured in the game.   The little bag is adorable – yet very simple -  and filled with the candies (well they are wooden pieces that looks like candies).   The mats are thick cardboards and quite big for an easy play between two players.  

Pinata is a great game to entertain kids in the afternoon after a morning of studying lessons at home.   It could also entertain kids while camping with the family or going to camp during the summer.  It would be a perfect game to bring to family get-together if you want to play with uncles, aunts, cousins or even grand-parents.   The packaging of this game is small and can fit in a bag while going to visit or traveling.

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Disclaimer: Thanks to Rio Grande Games for sending me the above mentioned products for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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