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Ultimate Sticker Books

Ultimate Sticker Books
From DK Canada

Stickers….   I know that I was passionate of stickers when I was growing up.  Whether they were puffy stickers or fancy ones, I like collecting them.   Funny though that I don’t have any of them anymore.  I even had some scratch and sniff ones including the famous skunk smell. 

When I had kids, I never suspected that stickers would be part of their life.  Still one day, stickers entered our home and the kids like them.   Well the younger ones more than the older soon-to-be teenager anyway.   Stickers are fun when they do an amazing work in their school but stickers books can keep them busy for quite some time.  

DK Canada has numerous Ultimate Sticker Books for you to choose from depending of the interest of your child.  Some of their sticker books are smaller while most of them contains numerous pages.  The sticker books of DK are different in a sense as it would encourage your child to read the information contained in the book as well as develop their search ability in order to find the sticker that goes in the assigned place.    For the purpose of this blog post, I received the following titles:


We haven’t seen the movie yet – though we purchased it for Christmas.   Knowing that my kids enjoyed the Cars movies, I expect that they will enjoy the Planes one as well.   In this Ultimate Sticker Book: Disney Planes, young readers can relive the excitement of the film, learning new facts about their favorite characters while placing the themed stickers on colorful backgrounds.   There are more than sixty full-color, reusable stickers, this book will appeal to all fans of this fun new movie from Disney.  Will Dusty, a winsome crop duster plane, win the around-the-world air race? Or will race champion Ripslinger thwart his progress? 

Monsters University9781465408785H

Monsters Inc. was a hit in our home.  And back in November we purchased the prequel as part of a surprise for our third son’s birthday party.   We all enjoyed the story and discovered more about the life of Mike and Sulley before they work at the Monsters factory.    In this particular sticker book the characters of Monsters University will come to life as your child uses more than sixty full-color, vibrant stickers, young monster lovers can recreate their favorite scenes from the movie or make some of their very own!

9781465401786HLego Friends

My girl is absolutely fascinated with the Lego Friends.   And I know that she will enjoy the Ultimate Sticker Collection: LEGO® Friends which contains more than one thousand full-color reusable stickers of all the LEGO® Friends mini-doll characters and their accessories, pets, and favorite places!  The book is packed full of information about the girls of Heartlake City; readers can find out about each characters' likes and dislikes, pets, special talents, and the city they live in. Lively captions provide bite-size LEGO Friends facts, while caption headings match up with the labels on the sticker pages, providing extra help for children to complete their sticker books.  It’s the perfect Christmas surprise for the girl who enjoys Lego Friends.

Angry Birds Star Wars II 9781465415363H

What can I say about Angry Birds?   Kids and adults alike love the games and anything that is related to it from t-shirts to toys and stuff characters.   This fun sticker book will allow you to return to Angry Birds Star Wars and discover furious characters, old and new, in this collection of over 1,000 reusable stickers! Meet Redkin Skywalker, Count Dodo, Darth Moar, Peckmé Amidala, and the many birds and pigs fighting for control of the galaxy.  It’s the perfect companion for the child who really enjoy playing the games on your iPhone.

The Ultimate Sticker Books from DK are the perfect item to select for an extra little gift under the tree this year.   Some of the titles can be found on their gift boutique.   

The Ultimate Stickers Books from DK can be found at your favourite bookstore.

Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for sending me the above mentioned title for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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