Friday, May 30, 2014


Not too long ago, my husband and I discover the theme of the CHEO telethon this year – “Be a Superhero for CHEO”.    At that moment, an idea germinated in my husband’s head.  He asked me what I thought about possibly doing a Comic Book Fundraising Sale for CHEO.   I thought it was a marvelous idea.

That week, we contacted the CHEO Foundation and didn’t know what to expect from it.   The person quickly contacted us and absolutely loved the idea.  Apparently, all the fundraising organized for CHEO is done by people like us.   So we quickly talked to our four kids who got excited as much as us and we started preparing for spreading the word on this special sale.

Our son Dominic created the poster below and we advertised on kijiji, usedottawa and craiglist.

We emailed comic book stores to ask them if they could promote it.   Then less than two weeks ago, we thought of asking radio stations in town if they could promote the fundraising for CHEO in their event pages.   So far, we have only positive comments from people responding to our request.   This week, we received a call from a reporter with MetroNews because they wanted to do an interview.   She came and took pictures and this morning – KABOOM! – three of my kids made the front page at the newsstand copies near bus stop throughout the city.  A cousin of my husband send me the picture via her cell phone.


And if you go to MetroNews online you can also read the story.   (Thought I much prefer the photos in the paper edition!)

UPDATE (May 31st)  image

Yesterday morning, the phone rang.   It was a reporter from CTVNews asking if we could do an interview for the new that night.  He had seen the MetroNews article and wanted to help to spread the word.

So that afternoon, for 2 hours they prepare the 2 minutes for the news that night.  Needless to say that it was a great homeschooling opportunity for our kids.

The article on the CTVNews website can be found here:

The video can be seen here:


Needless to say the kids are excited.   And we have friends who will come and help.   The CHEO Bear will be there as well as the CHEO lemonade stand.   The League of Super-Heroes are also donating their time and will offer people to take pictures with them for a donation to CHEO.   It’s going to be a great day!

So mark your calendar – June 7th from 9am to 5pm.   Come and buy some comics.  Support CHEO and be a superhero for them!

More details can be viewed at

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