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Movie Maniac Boutique @ DK Canada


Every once in a while, we enjoy going to the movies and watch a new release.  Yesterday, my husband and I were able to enjoy the latest Spider-Man movie.   We used to always go to opening nights for comic characters movies but nowadays opening nights is a bit more difficult to catch.  Instead, wBox of red and white popcorn boxe wait a bit and enjoy the movie with a less crowded audience.   Needless to say we came out of there and quickly observed that it was nice that the movie was following the comic books for once (the previous Spider-Man movies were not doing that as much).  

Our visits to the theater have changed as time goes by.  I remember going to opening night to see the Batman with friends – being the first in line to enter the theater at midnight.   Or going to see the newly revamped Star Wars movies when they came out in theater – again with friends.  Those were good times.   My only disappointment nowadays would be how expensive it can be to the movies and that having a family of six people makes it hardly impossible.  

No matter what is your movie habits, DK Canada has plenty of books on movie characters for you to discover.  And right now, for a limited time, they have a special sale for Movie Maniacs – 30% off on selected titles.  For the purpose of this sale, DK Canada has sent me three titles that my kids will enjoy reading.  It’s also a great way to practice the reading skills during the summer time.  I strongly believe that having a subject of interest will encourage the kids to read more.   Consequently, if you have kids who loves superheroes, you might want to continue to read in order to discover three great books that would inform them on three Super-heroes that are often seen on the big screen!


9780756692490H (1)Batman The World of the Dark Knight

About the book

Who hides in the shadows, an often constant but unseen presence? Who strives to rid the city of the evil that lurks through the streets? Who is he? BATMAN.

First appearing in the pages of Detective Comics in 1939, Bruce Wayne vowed to avenge his parents' murder and rid the world of evil by becoming the fearless caped crusader known as Batman.

Follow every punch, kick, twist, and turn of the Dark Knight's story in Batman: The World of the Dark Knight. Tracing Batman's entire career, with full detail of his significant adventures, battles, loves, allies, and enemies, this ultimate guide will leave nothing unexplored. DK's Batman: The World of the Dark Knight includes everything from how Batman came to be created and how the character was developed through the decades to key events in Batman's life that have continued to develop his story over the years. With a new, fresh look featuring intricate full-color comic book art, Batman: The World of the Dark Knight is a comic enthusiast's dream come true!

Cover art by Jim Lee!

My Thoughts

Get to know everything you wanted to know about Batman.  This book will give your child a new perspective of the man behind the mask, the villains he fights regularly as well as the tools he uses.  The book will also highlights the key issues of the comics and present the allies of the Dark Knight.  Your child will be able to go back in time and witness the changes in the batmobile, the costumes, the origins of the Batman, as well as learn some of the wit and wisdom of the Batman. 

The book contains numerous drawings, detailed information on some of the characters, and a detailed timeline on the well-known character from the DC universe.   The book is up-to-date with current comic books as it will bring you up to speed with the New 52 series at DC.   It is a great book to introduce your kids to the Batman and his world. 


Spider-Man Inside the World of Your Friendly Neighbourhood9780756690892H

About the book

The ultimate web-slinger is back in this exciting and informative ultimate guide. Spider-Man: Inside the World of your Friendly Neighborhood Hero traces Spider-Man's entire career from his high-school beginnings as Peter Parker to his love affair with the enchanting Mary Jane.

With foreword by Stan Lee and full details of Spidey's powers granted from the bite of an irradiated spider, as well as significant adventures, battles, loves, allies, and enemies, this all-inclusive book has a strong focus on storylines and conflicts within Spider-Man's world. Come to find out how your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man came to be created in 1962 and how the character has developed over the years. Full of interesting facts and dynamic comic book art, Spider-Man: Inside the World of your Friendly Neighborhood Hero is the tell-all to the famous Amazing Spider-Man.

My Thoughts

Here’s another great book to introduce your child to a great super-hero this time from the Marvel Universe – Spider-Man.   With the latest movie out in theaters, your child might want to read about this friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man  in order to learn more about him.   This book will allow your child to swing in company of Spider-Man in order to discover the key issues of the comics, the friends and family, the villains he combat all the time, the changes through the years since his creation as well as stunning images included in the book.

You will learn more about his alliances as well as the new events surrounding the stories in the comics. The book is catchy and will inform your child about all that he can know about Spider-Man and the man behind the mask: Peter Parker. A timeline is also included in the book as well as highlights for every ten years since the first appearance of Spider-Man in the comics.

Bottom line, this is a great book for any child who loves Spider-Man.  A perfect reading material for the summer months that are coming!


9780756657499HIron Man Ultimate Guide to the Armored Superhero

About the book

Packed with original comic book art and created in full collaboration with Marvel Comics, Iron Man: The Ultimate Guide to the Armored Hero is essential for comic book and movie fans alike. From his tragic past to becoming a superhero, explore every thrilling twist and turn in the Iron Man story. Fans will get details on Stark's scientific genius, his secret life as a crime fighter, his personal struggles and demons, his involvement in the Avengers, his role in Secret Invasion, his allies, foes, and more!

My Thoughts

Iron Man is another Marvel character that has made its way to the big screen in the recent years.   And with his appearance in theater, a new generation of kids have learned to love this Marvel character.  This book will allow them to read all they want to know about Tony Stark and Iron Man from it’s creation in the comic world to the more recent adventures.

Packed with illustrations that highlights the information contained in this book, the child who reads it will discover the friends, allies, enemies, weapons and much more about Iron Man.   The book will bring the reader through the years from the creation of the character to more recent days.   The reader will discover key issues, important story lines, a detailed timeline and important things that happened in the world of Iron Man through the years.

It’s the perfect book for the child who loves Iron Man and can’t get enough of him.  The book will encourage reading as he discover more about one of the great super-heroes existing in the Marvel universe.


Whether you love Disney princesses, superheroes or Jedis and droids, DK's Visual Guides, Essential Guides and Character Encyclopedias are the perfect way to bring the excitement of your favourite movies home. Full-page profiles of characters, behind-the-scenes information and page after page of fantastic amazing photographs and images from the films make each of these books a must-have for any film fan!  Check out the Movie Maniacs Boutique at DK Canada in order to have a 30% off on selected titles.


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Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for sending me the above mentioned titles for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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