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Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers

_225_350_Book.1113.coverForgiving Our Fathers and Mothers – Finding Freedom From Hurt & Hate
Written by Leslie Leyland Fields with Dr. Jill Hubbard
Published at Thomas Nelson

About the book

“If our families are to flourish, we will need to learn and practice ways of forgiving those who have had the greatest impact upon us: our mothers and fathers.”

Do you struggle with the deep pain of a broken relationship with a parent?

Leslie Leyland Fields and Dr. Jill Hubbard invite you to walk with them as they explore the following questions:

  • What does the Bible say about forgiveness? Why must we forgive at all?
  • How do we honor those who act dishonorably toward us, especially when those people are as influential as our parents? * Can we ever break free from the “sins of our fathers”?

What does forgiveness look like in the lives of real parents and children? Does forgiveness mean I have to let an estranged parent back into my life? Is it possible to forgive a parent who has passed away?

Through the authors’ own compelling personal stories combined with a fresh look at the Scriptures,Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers illustrates and instructs in the practice of authentic forgiveness, leading you away from hate and hurt toward healing, hope, and freedom.

My Thoughts

I hesitate before requesting this book.  But deep down I knew that it would be a book I wouldn’t regret to read.  So I requested it and waited for it to arrive.  When the book arrived, I couldn’t touch it for a week or two.   I could see the cover page but I couldn’t get myself to crack the book open.

I finally found the courage to open the book and start reading but for personal reasons that I won’t expand I knew that I had to take it a bit at a time.  So I read, underlined, pondered, prayed about what I have read and pursued my reading.  Slowly and surely with God with me, I am advancing in this book.  The author is authentic – sharing her own personal struggles with her own parents – which makes it even more interesting because you slowly discover her own path to forgiveness.    At the end of each chapter Dr. Jill expands with insights on parenting and how to deal with our issues.   Also, you will find study questions that will allow you to ponder on your parents and your past as you advance in the reading.   These questions might stir emotions and you might want to throw the book at the other end of the room a few times.  But I think they are great questions that will direct you on your own path of healing.

I have walk through the path of healing a couple of years ago.  But I sense that I need to go deeper on this healing journey.  This book helps me to completely forgive and to heal on a new level.   There is hope and freedom and sometimes you need to follow the nudge of the spirit to request a book that you personally don’t want to review even though you know deep down in your soul that it will be beneficial to do so.   Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers is such a book for me.  I was not perfect growing and I still make errors.  I realize that my own parents were not perfect either.   But to personally grow toward my Father in Heaven, I need to take the step of completely forgive them both.   I am on a journey of healing.   Something tells me that it will bring me to new levels of healing as the years go by.

Forgiving Our Fathers and Mothers is available at your favourite bookstore, even on and


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