Friday, November 18, 2016

Build Your Own Adventure with LEGO

For the past few years, DK Canada often publish some Build Your Own Adventure LEGO products.  This year, they have released two new Build Your OWN Adventure LEGO – one for Star Wars and one for CITY.

51bGbNoT3rLBuild Your Own Adventure LEGO Star Wars

This specific product contains a book and a box with all the LEGO pieces you will need to build the adventures in it.    In all you will find fifty ideas for building a great story starter to any Star Wars adventure. 

Initially, when you open the book you will discover the mini figure included in the book and learn how to build its Y-Wing.  Then the book is divided into five chapters where you can imagine new adventures happening for your mini figure.  

In the first chapter, you will learn how to build a pilotès bunk, mission control, base transport, rebel hangar, and mission launch.  In chapter two, you will be challenge to build a snowscape, enemy forces, Imperial outpost, recreation area, and an icy escape.  Chapter three has an emphasis on Tatooine with a landing, a Jawa Junk shop, a Jawa junkyard, podracers, a track and a finish line.   Chapter four moves along to Cloud City where you will build a landing pad, a dangerous dining, a freeze chamber, a prison rescue and the surface of the city.   Finally, you will visit Endor while building the Forest Moon, the deep woods, the walker trap, and the Imperial bunker.



Note that there is no step-by-step instructions in the book for the chapters but the images are pretty clear so a child could easily replicate the items shown.

61jIt7RsoCLBuild Your Own Adventure LEGO City

The Build Your Own Adventure LEGO City will follow Ed the firefighter on a typical day.   This product contains a book as well as a box with LEGO bricks that will help you to build the things shown inside.

Ed always start his day at the station and to do so you will first build his bed, a shower, the alarm of the station as well as his garage.   In the second chapter of the book, you will learn to build things that are necessary in a city like traffic lights, roadworks, pedestrian crossing, a market, roadblocks, other vehicles as well as a kitchen.  In chapter three, you will go to a park in order to deal with a fire there.  You will learn to build a play area, a fountain,  picnic area, and a ranger’s hut.   In chapter four, Ed will have to perform a water rescue.  You will also learn how to build a recreation room. a wooden raft, a crane,  an helicopter nd a fuel station.  Finally, the day concludes at the Pizza Pandemonium area where you will learn to build an hardware store, a pizza oven, a pizza parlor, and a crime scene.  

Again there are over 50 building ideas that can be done with this kit.  


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As I mentioned above, instructions are not provided for the ideas here but the images are pretty much self-explanatory and a child can easily do it.

These two Build Your Own Adventure LEGO is a great gift for kids who enjoy building with the blocks.   The price is quite reasonable and the value is fabulous.  The Star Wars kit possess over 73 pieces of LEGO while the City kit has 99 pieces.

These two products Build Your Own Adventure LEGO are available at your favorite bookstore, even on and



Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for allowing me to promote this book. I was not monetarily compensated for this post . Please note that the post was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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