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Medicine The Definitive Illustrated History

511NAILo-SLMedicine has always been part of history and we should be thankful for the numerous advanced made through time that make it possible today for us to stay healthy.   DK Canada has recently published a marvelous book on medicine which could become an amazing gift for someone already practicing medicine or wishing to pursue a career in medicine in the future.  Currently in my life, I have a young man of fifteen years old who desire to study medicine in the future.  

So how better to learn more about medicine than exploring this astonishing book which present the history of one of the oldest career known to man.  The book is divided into specific era of history and present the major discoveries or techniques of medicine during these time periods.  Here’s a quick look of the table of contents so that you can see what you will read through these pages.

  1. Ancient Wisdom to 700 – healers and herbalists, early surgery, shamanism, medicine in Ancient Egypt, secrets of mummies, medicine in Ancient Mesopotamia, early Chinese medicine, acupuncture, ayurveda, medicine in Ancient Greece, four humors, Hippocrates, medicine in Ancient Rome, Galen, Roman surgical tools.
  2. Revival and Renaissance (700-1800) – golden age of Islamic medicine, Ibn Sina’s The Canon of Medicine, first school of medicine, Medieval medicine, anatomy restored, apothecary store, alchemy, black death, preventing plagues, alchemy, chemistry, and medicine, anatomy revolution, barber-surgeons, Ambroise Paré, repair and reconstruction, discovering the circulation, circulation revolution, cataract surgery, exchanging epidemics with the New World, Thomas Sydenham, early microscopists, evolution of microscopes, first microanatomists, scurvy, smallpox: the red plague, first vaccination, phrenology, modern hospital, homeopathy.
  3. Science takes Charge (1800-1900) – first stethoscope, diagnostic instruments, resurrection men, miasma theory, cholera, John Snow, epidemiology nd public health, anaesthetics, early anaesthetics, dentistry, pregnancy and childbirth, midwivs, childbed fever, women in medicine, nursing, medical publishing, microbiology and germ theory, Louis Pasteur, cell theory, pathology and medical autopsy, first antiseptics, tuberculosis, vaccines come of age, mysteries of the brain, mental illness, horror of the asylum, viruses and how they work, fighting rabies, discovery of aspiring, x-rays, struggle against malaria, transfusion breakthrough.
  4. Era of Specialization (1900-1960) – Sigmund Freud, development of the ECG, cure for syphilis, minimally invasive surgery, diabetes and insulin, war and medicine, battlefield medicine during World War II, influenza and the pandemic, discovery of penicillin, antibiotics in action, evolution of syringes, women’s health, heart disease, allergies and antihistamines, polio: a global battle, structure of DNA, inhalers and nebulizers, scanning machines, pharmaceutical industry.
  5. Promises old and New (1960-Present) – the contraceptive pill, Margaret Sanger, cancers, advanced imaging, first heart transplant, implants and prostheses, artificial body parts, in vitro fertilization, HIV and aids, new discoveries for old diseases, genetic revolution, genetic testing, mental health and talking therapies, robots and telemedicine, robotic surgery, emergency medicine, antibiotics resistance and superbugs, Alzheimer’s disease and dementias, end-of-life care, nanomedicine, global medical bodies, Ebola virus disease, stem cell therapy.
  6. Reference – contains all the images relating to the various systems in our body.

Through the pages of this book, the reader will learn more about medicine from trepanning and body snatching to the latest development and tools use nowadays.    Stunning photography, diagrams, and images of all sort will help the owner of the book to better visualize the development of medicine through the ages and how some sicknesses were successfully eradicated. Essentially this stunning book is a compelling blend of riveting stories, accessible information, and striking illustrations.   Medicine definitely shows and tells how medicine has evolved into the lifesaving discipline it is today.

As you can see the book will present the history of a discipline that has been present since the beginning of times by highlighting the discoveries, surgery, healing techniques as well as drugs used in a very visual and informative format.



The book is a jewel in itself because of all the beautiful presentation surrounding a specific subject or theme.   Each page will unlock a part of the history of medicine you might have not realized happened.   It is a great reference to own and to explore whether on your own or with your children.

Medicine would make a wonderful gift for someone in your life who has a desire to learn more about this discipline, for a youth who desire to study in medicine, a student currently in university in medicine or for a loved one who is working in the field.  

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Medicine The Definitive Illustrated History is available at your favorite bookstore, even on and


Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for allowing me to promote this book. I was not monetarily compensated for this post . Please note that the post was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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