Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Philips Avance Masticating Juicer


I recently received the Philips Avance Masticating Juicer from Amazon Vine Voices in order to review it.   I was curious about it and was looking forward to try it out.   I received the box earlier this week.  The box was somewhat banged a bit and I hoped the product inside would be in perfect condition.  After opening it, I realized that it looked like ok.   What I didn’t know it that the tray which is located under the machine and serves to receive the pulp of the fruit had sustained some damaged.   You see on the tray itself there is a little part that seems to pop out of it.  I had found this pointy part to be detached from the tray itself.  I decided to keep the plastic part for unknown reasons and proceeded to unpack the machine in order to try it out.

The machine is quite somewhat small and will fit beautifully on a counter top.   I would suggest to wash all the parts before making any juice with it.   After washing all the parts and installing them on the machine, I started cutting my apples.  I was making a juice with apples, cranberries and pineapple.  Once I was ready to use the Philips Avance Masticating Juicer, it wouldn’t work.  It was plugged in but the machine would not start.  I was confused at first but then I started checking the area behind the container that was broken and there is was …  a small little black dot on the base of the juicer.   Could it be that this small plastic dot that was broken on the container would make the machine start?  So I slid the plastic piece pushing the black dot and the machine came to life.   OK now I needed to find a way to making this work.   My good old scotch tape did the trick.  After asking my son’s help to hold the container while I tape the piece in place, the juicer was ready to use.


Using the juicer is quite easy, simply cut your fruits or vegetable, insert them in the top area and push with the tool that came with it.   And voilà, juice is being made.   The micro masticating of the juicer will guarantee that up to 90% of the fruit is used for making juice.   You can even include all the leaves, the greens and nuts in your drinks.   The recipe book that comes with with juicer has about 15 recipes from which you can choose.  I wish the recipe book would be a bit bigger but this gives you a great launching pad into juicing.    You can even make your own almond milk or soy milk with it or frozen yogourt.  The juice was delicious and packed with all the goodness of the fruits I have used.   Everyone in the family found it delicious – four kids and two adults. 


The juicer also comes with an innovative drip stop which would keep your counter top clean.   It is perfect for when you desire to make juice directly in glasses.  However, the juicer also comes with a special container in which you can make the juice in and store in the refrigerator.  

Cleaning the part is as easy as saying your ABCs.   You can detach all the parts and rinsed clean without any other kitchen tool.  The part where the juice comes out it the trickiest one of all the parts of clean.  But it was easy to remove the little bit of pulp that has ventured in that area. 

Now let’s go back to my broken pulp container – I was a bit disappointing that it was damaged.   So I decided to call Philips and see if I could receive a brand new one.  The customer service person was very nice and will be sending me a new pulp container for the juicer.   I am quite pleased with the service obviously.

Now when I was making my juice, I found that there was a lot of pulp falling in the container.   I mean a lot of pulp…  more than I would have wished to come out of it.  The person at the customer service said that it is great for compost.   But we do not have a garden yet – though it is something that I wish I can have in the future.   What could I do with all the pulp I got from the juicer???  Then I had an idea.  Why not incorporating them into muffins.   And I did just that this morning.  The muffins turned out great and are packed with delicious pulp from apples, cranberries and pineapple.  Couldn’t ask for a better muffin than that!


Having said this, if you do not own a kitchen appliance that can make juice (whether a juicer or a high quality blender), I think you would be quite satisfied with the Philips Avance Masticating Juicer.  Knowing how important it is to consume fruits and vegetables for your health makes it a decision that is easy to take when you are debating about getting this kind of small appliance.

The Philips Avance Masticating Juicer would make a great Christmas gift to anyone desiring to make their own juice.  There are plenty of fun recipes to discover on the internet and it has been proven that it could help you in having a better health too.  

The Philips Avance Masticating Juicer is available for purchase at your favorite small appliances store, even on and


Disclaimer: This product has been provided courtesy of Vine Voices for review purpose. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by or the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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