Monday, November 11, 2019

Stem Toys to Encourage Coding from TechWillSaveUS

As you might have realized by now Christmas is just around the corner.   So the kids in your life might have already given you a list of things they might want.   Growing up I always got some education product in my gifts.  When I had kids of my own I also made sure that they would get an educational item or two in the midst of their items.

So when I was approached by KidsStuffPR to review products from TechWillSaveUS, I was curious of what they might have.  Turns out that their products are all based on STEM learning and highly so I decided to get the Micro:Master Pack which is geared for children 11 years old and up.

The Micro:MasterPack is composed of the micro:bit as well as the micro:craft, micro:bot, and the mocro:mods kits. Together they introduce creative coding to the child using them and over thirty projects can be made from them.

Let me present you the different components of the set.

Micro:Bit - This is the starter set of the pack.   It encourages kids to code and encourages creativity and invention.   It is very simple to use - start to code on one of the three coding platforms (computer, phones or tablets), upload the code to the micro:bit and voilà...  Simple and quick.   My own daughter who is 11 has made numerous little messages on this item and enjoyed it.   You can write message on it or simply upload an image. 

Micro:Craft - This add-on kit for the Micro:Bit will allow you to create even more things with it via
your crafting skills.  It contains copper tape, crocodile clips, a buzzer, and some cables.  Inside the box you will also find a little notebook to help you design your projects.  On their website, you can find a ton of projects that can be done with this add-on kit.  It allows you to incorporate crafting with coding.   Design your creation, make it, code it and watch it comes to life.

Micro:Mods - This is another add-on kit for the Micro:Bit product.   It contains a casing (to make a watch), some velcro straps, split pins, glue pads, and a LED strip.   One example you can do with this kit would be to program the rainbow colors in your LED strip.   You can then stick this LED strip on yourself or a backpack to be more stylish.

Micro:Bot - Finally, the Micro:Bot is another add-on kit for the Micro:Bit kit.  This will allow your child to build and code three different robots.  This contains 2 servos, 2 wheels, 1 battery pack, 7 jumper wires, 2 wagos, 5 glue pads, and 5 crocodile clips.  You will also need other items that are easily found at home like markers, ball, craft knife, golf club, tape, screwdriver, glue, kitchen foil, paper and a sponge.   You can choose to make a ArtBot, a GolfBot or a RoomBot. 

If you worry about the fact that your child might not be able to code - don't!   The website - possesses numerous tutorials and information that will help him/her to make.   At first I wished that there were more instructions in the boxes but I quickly realized that their website was self-explanatory and easy to use.

My daughter quickly grasp the way to use the website in a matter of minutes.  She has experience a few things with the items we have received.  She still has a lot more that she can do with them and will continue to explore the projects she can do on the website.

With Christmas being just around the corner and time off from school, your kids will probably enjoy doing a bit of fun projects with the products of TeachWillSaveUs.  And without realizing it, your kids will still learn during this holiday season. 

All these products and many more are only available on their website.  They offer a wide variety of coding products for kids ages 4-6, 7-10 and 11+.  The company offers free shipping in the UK and the US.

Disclaimer:  I have received the Micro:MasterPack kit from KidStuff PR and TechWillSaveUS.I was not monetarily compensated for this review.  Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way.  All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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