Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Energy - Its Forms, Changes, & Functions

Energy – Its forms, changes & functions
By Tom DeRosa and Carolyn Reeves
Published at Master Books

This book is part of the Investigate the Possibilities series and is geared toward students from grade 3 to 6. Its content is about elementary physics more specifically about energy. In this book you will find that learning is extremely fun when you can perform the experiences yourself and see from your own eyes what will be the result.

Once again, I found that the authors have done a tremendous job in putting this book together. Again you will find marvelous images accompanying a lesson and some interesting investigations to discover the world of energy. The quality of the books in this series is simply amazing! I am truly impressed with the scientific information contained in these books.

In the book on Energy, each lesson is divided in sections going from thinking about a specific subject to experimenting on it. Each time the student will have to ponder on some specific investigative problems and found out the answers. The experiments look very fun to do and can be done easily with the things you have at home – no need to purchase special products to investigate the various topics on energy. The student will also have to read more information on the subject of the lesson as well as make connections with our everyday life i.e. how does the lesson apply in real life? While doing the lesson, the student has also the possibility of digging deeper within the guidelines provided by the authors. Finally, the lesson finishes with a series of questions to make sure the student has understood what he has read. Throughout the book, the students will also learn more about some scientists who studied the wonderful world of energy.

Also available are the Teacher’s Guide and the Student Journal. The Teacher’s Guide will give the objectives of the lesson, more information concerning the lesson as well as the answers to the questions related to the lesson. Personally, I find the teacher book very helpful especially when it is a subject like energy… It gives me guidelines and helps me not to get too stressed when doing the lesson with my son. As for the Student Journal, it will permit the student to write down any observations and answers from the questions as well as experiences found in the book. There is even a special place to write down what the student has found in the dig deeper section of the book. There is plenty of space to write down the answers when you are using the Student Journal.

Energy – Its Forms, Changes, & Functions is available everywhere even on amazon.ca and indigo.ca.

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