Sunday, September 20, 2009

Money and Marriage God's Way

Money and Marriage God’s Way
Written by Howard Dayton
Published at Moody Publishers

About the book
Some people adopt an “It’ll all work out somehow” attitude toward marriage and finances. But sadly, it often doesn’t work out. Financial woes and marriage troubles can rob couples of precious opportunities to savor the blessings of companionship, family, and peace that God intends for His people.

Money and Marriage God’s Way will help you discover God’s approach to growing your finances and strengthening your relationship with your mate. It highlights key issues like debt, conflict, spending, investing, saving, and budgeting.

Regardless of the books, magazines, or television programs you’ve seen, nothing compares with money and marriage God’s way.

Who is Howard Dayton?
Howard Dayton is cofounder of Crown Financial Ministries, created by a 2000 merger of Crown Ministries, which he founded in 1985, and Larry Burkett’s Christian Financial Concepts. Howard’s books and small group financial studies have been used by thousands of churches and individuals. His is a former naval officer, restaurateur, and real estate developer. Howard and his wife, Bev, have been married for more than 35 years. They reside in Gainesville, Georgia, and have two married children.

My Thoughts
I like having books that my husband and I can read together and discuss. This book is definitively a book we will use during our time together. Actually, as soon as we are done with the book we are going through these days, I told him that I wanted to do this one. Finance is a subject that is touchy in many families and you can learn from professionals any days of your life.

This book is any couples who takes their finances seriously. It is divided in 6 parts from which you can learn to get a better handle of your finances and growth in your marriage.

Throughout the book, you will find various Q&A that came from various people. At the end of each part you will have a REACT section in which you will find some questions to discuss with your spouse. Also, you will find a HELP! section which will list you some resources you can look into to go deeper on the subject. Finally the part concludes with the testimony of a couple who according to the author we should know. I always find the testimonies very powerful and encouraging. I think it was an interesting concept to include this in a book about money and marriage.

Each chapter of the book also contains some examples to make the concepts more understandable. I really enjoyed looking into the Money Map and the various destinations along the way. Another idea I really liked was about celebrating your milestones. I never thought of applying this concept to finances but honestly it makes sense. It is so encouraging to celebrate some milestones. Even Weight Watchers strongly suggest doing so. Why not incorporating it in your finances? It could be as simple as inviting your friends over for a BBQ and burning your mortgage agreement when you are done paying for it. I REALLY like this idea… *grin*
The book covers everything from relationships in a marriage, communication, budgeting, conflict resolution, crisis, seasons of life and stay at home parent. There is even a website that will help you to achieve financial success in your marriage. Look at It is available 24/7!

Money and Marriage God's Way is available everywhere even at and

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