Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Voices of the Faithful Book 2

Voices of the Faithful Book 2 – Inspiring Stories of Courage from Christians Serving Around the World.
By The International Mission Board
Published at Thomas Nelson
About the book
A new year’s worth of inspiring stories from the front lines of faith.
"A willingness to go is all they have in common," exclaim Beth Moore and Kim P. Davis, speaking of their friends on the front lines who are spreading the gospel around the world and with whom they collaborated to create this book. This second book of 366 daily devotionals features stories of God’s faithfulness, written by hundreds of missionaries worldwide.
From stirring miracles to heroic adventures, this second volume highlights those who daily go to the outer limits of spiritual devotion.

A follow-up to the first book which has now sold over 300,000 copies.

My thoughts
I have been wanting to get the first book of the Voices of the Faithful but never got around to it. So when I saw that the second book of Voices of the Faithful was available for review, I jumped on the opportunity. I was curious to read some of the devotions. I thought it would be devotions from Christians from the past. Boy! Was I wrong…

I discovered a wonderful little devotion book which contains devotions written by Christians currently serving around the world. This Voices of the Faithful Book 2 contains 366 devotions from missionaries stationed around the globe. When I realized that I immediately thought of our friends, Al & Joane Brown and their 7 kids who are missionaries in Thailand. They serve through Compasio.

Each month has a specific theme which is repeated in the devotions of the month. For example, the month of September is about Lessons from the Young – ie children. In a specific devotion, I read about a 6 year old reaching out to a 20 year old guy who has since came to the Lord. This devotion touched me particularly because it made me remember how my 2 year old reached out to a street person one night during a service at the church we are planting. God did indeed give me a lesson that night and I hope to never forget it.

Each page begins with a scripture and then you read a devotion written from someone in the field. The devotion concludes with a prayer specifically related to the reading. This way, you pray for the missionaries and their work and realize what God is doing around the World.
I took the habit to read the page of the day daily since I got the book. And God speaks to me in various ways – from thinking to our friends in Thailand, our Compassion kids, how my own kids minister to the people coming to our church and so on. Yes God is in the move. Keep your eyes open. Read about what He does in other countries and realize that He is indeed real.

Voices of the Faithful Book 2 is available everywhere, even at amazon.ca and indigo.ca.

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