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Love Has A Face - Mascara, a Machete and One Woman's Miraculous Journey with Jesus in Sudan

Love Has A Face: Mascara, a Machete, and One Woman’s Miraculous Journey with Jesus in Sudan
Written by: Michele Perry
Published at Chosen
About the book
Unforgettable Memoir of a Woman Bringing the Love of Jesus to the Orphans of Sudan

Termites for dinner. Bombs in the backyard. A nation torn by decades of war still on the brink. Can one life really make a difference here?
Born without her left hip and leg, Michele Perry is no stranger to seeming impossibilities. So when she arrived in war-torn Southern Sudan--with little more than her faith in God's promises--she did what everyone told was crazy: she opened a home for orphaned children in the middle of guerilla warfare territory and has now become "mama" to over one hundred little lives.

With a deft pen, she recounts unforgettable stories of life in the bush, stories that capture the reader with the stark realities of living in a war zone—and the power of God's love to transform them. Her own story is just as compelling as the ministry she is living. From working in the slums of India to finding her home in war-ravaged Africa, her life has been a journey deeper into the supernatural power of God.

Captivatingly honest, readers will be swept up in one woman's poignant, spellbinding journey of love and the glimpses of God's tender grace and mercy in the midst of a broken and hurting world.

Who is Michele Perry?
Michele Perry is the founding field ministry coordinator for Iris Ministries in Southern Sudan under Rolland and Heidi Baker. Born without her left hip and leg and other birth defects, she endured 23 surgeries by age 13. A native of Florida, Michele studied at Baylor and has previously served in Bangladesh, India, and the inner cities of the U.S. She is also an artist, photographer, and poet. Michele wrote most of Love Has a Face on an old computer by a kerosene lamp in a bullet-hole ridden shell of a building in Southern Sudan. Her writing was punctuated by the occasional AK-47 shot.

My Thoughts
What is love? Really… have you stop a second and wondered what it was? God is the perfect image of Love. And the book Love Has A Face will demonstrate by reading of the life of Michele Perry how we can show God’s love to the ones who need it the most.

Michele has a way of writing from the deepness of her heart and makes you travel with her through her life in Sudan. WoW! That’s honestly the first word that came to my mind after I finished reading the book. She is experiencing so much of the presence of God it is almost unbelievable. But the words are there, black on a white page, telling us all the miracles that He did and the only thing she needed to do was trust Him and show His love to others.

We don’t experience these kinds of miracles here in Canada or the US. Could you imagine what would happen if it was like this here? I’m thinking of the miracle of the candies for many children who showed up for a Veggie Tales night. There were too many children for the number of candies that was purchased. However, God provided above and beyond (well one extra candy – probably for himself *grin*) what was needed… I’m thinking of how Michele prayed for a blind woman who recovered her sight. I’m thinking of how many times provisions came when they didn’t expect it – even soccer balls for the kids.

Yes God is there. He knows what is needed. He cares about everyone. But He needs others to show His love – to be Love for Him. Are you willing to follow and trust Him wherever He will bring you?

It doesn’t have to be in Africa you know. It can simply be here in your city. Don’t walk fast when you see a street person; take the time to be a blessing for them. Love them just like Jesus would have love them himself. It’s that simple. Sometimes a simple smile is enough. Acknowledge them and let them know that God do cares about them.

I was blessed beyond measures by this book. And I hope that one day my own children will pick it up and read through it to learn of God’s love.

If you want to experience His love and see what He is doing in Sudan – pick up Love Has A Face next time you go to the bookstore. You won’t be disappointed. Expect to be moved and have tears in your eyes when you read it.

Love Has A Face is available everywhere even at and

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