Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finding an Unseen God - Reflections of a former atheist.

Finding an Unseen God
By Alicia Britt Chole
Published at Bethany House

About the book
Truth is dead.God never lived.Life is filled with pain.Death is the end of life.
These beliefs formed Alicia Britt Chole's worldview as a young woman. "I sincerely believed that there was no God," she says. "As a young Atheist, I simply considered myself a realist who preferred unanswered questions over fairy tales."

Then one day, without warning, Alicia's Atheistic worldview was shattered.
Creatively written, Finding an Unseen God opens a window into Alicia's surprising spiritual journey. With warmth, intellect, and compassion, Alicia invites us to carefully consider what we believe and do not believe, while she paints a vivid portrait of a God who relentlessly pursues even those who deny him.

Who is Alicia Britt Chole?
Alicia Britt Chole (pronounced show-lee) speaks nationally and internationally to a wide variety of people. She's been mentoring university students and the next generation of leaders for more than twenty years. She's the author of several books and audio and video resources, including Finding An Unseen God and Anonymous: Jesus' Hidden Years and Yours. A gifted speaker, reflective author, and seasoned mentor, Alicia Britt Chole relishes every messy moment of life with her tribe of five in the Ozarks of Missouri.

My Thougths
Revelation 12:11 says “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony”. And this book is all about the testimony of a young atheist who discovered God in ways she was not expecting it. She got caught completely off guard when He called her to himself.

This book is indeed creative. When I first started to read it I was travelling back and forth between her past and her thoughts about why she follows God now. But then I realized that the chapters were numbered in a special way 52, 1, 51, 2, 50, 3… and it kept going like that until the end of the book. So I am uncertain if I read the book in the way the chapters were presented or if I should have read it in the order of the numbers. I guess I could always re-read it in the order 1,2,3… and so on until the 52nd chapter. The other creative aspect of the book is that the cover and each chapter start with a word search. And hidden inside are other words. I had a little fun to try to see what was hidden before reading the chapter.

I love it when I read about the story on how someone came to God and chose Him instead of their previous Worldview. WoW! You sense that God is so much at work when you read about their travels on the road to salvation. This book gives you exactly that. The author explains her background and the reasons why she became and atheist at a young age. While you travel with her in her life story, you will learn how God showed Himself to her and how she decided to follow Him.

I enjoyed reading the book. I actually devoured it. I find testimonies so powerful in the sense that it energizes you to continue to pursue God and to share His love with others.

Check out what the author herself is saying about her story…

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