Friday, December 11, 2009

Download N Go Birthday Bonanza Unit Study

Birthday Bonanza - Download N Go Series
By Amanda Bennett and The Old Schoolhouse

Ah! Birthdays! Who doesn’t like those? In our household, we always try to celebrate as a family anytime there is a birthday and with six people in this family, we have a lot of special days during the year. As I wrote this review for TOS (back in November) it was a special day for a little boy in our family. Our third son was turning four.  Then in December we have 2 celebrations, February will bring one birthday, March will brings not only spring but a birthday as well, and finally June has one celebration. To make birthdays extra special now, a new product from TOS and Amanda Bennett is currently available.

Part of the Download N Go Series, you have now a special unit study about birthdays. The title it Birthday Bonanza and indeed it is ALL about a special day for the child who will do it. As usual, Amanda Bennett has thought about a multitude of activities to do with this unit study. Each five days are packed with interesting things to learn and do.

On day one, the child will learn about the story of his/her name, discover what he was like when he was born, investigate his first family home, and develop a history of his arrival in the family. On the second day, the child will become familiar with the way that things change with time, discover the American presidents in office since his birth (here I will have to change that for the Prime Ministers of Canada), investigate the night sky on the evening of his birth and learn about historical events that happened on the same date of the birthday (which is something that I particularly like to do on a daily basis…*grin*). On day three, the child will become familiar with the fact that God makes each child unique, investigate some special features about him/her, discover fingerprints and how they work, and learn some history about events that happened on his/her special day. On day four, you will develop a timeline with your child about his/her life, describe the most important things in their life, review their accomplishments, and learn about historical events that happened on their birthday. Finally on the fifth day, the child will review past birthdays, investigate homes, dreams and goals, become familiar with Jeremiah 29:11 and learn more events that happened on the birthday.

Each day finishes with a special little prayer that you can say with your child. Many suggestions of books are made to make the day extra special. Also include in this wonderful unit study about the birthday of your child are wonderful lapbook activities to make the week before the birthday even more special.

I think this Download N Go Birthday Bonanza product will bring lots of fun in the days before the special day of your child. Having an excited kid in the house can get overwhelming sometimes and this wonderful product will help to go through the week before the BIG day for sure.

As for our family, I am looking forward for the month of February to come so I can spend some special time with our second son to make his Birthday lapbook.  He is turning 6th in 2010 and let me tell  you that he is looking forward to it!

Wondering what are the Download N Go Unit Studies from Amada Bennett and TOS are?   Check out this page which will give you all the information that you need!
Interested in this new unit study for your child while his birthday comes around?   Now you can get it yourself, navigate to this page on The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and see how you can get it!

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  1. Thanks for posting this review! I hope you and your crew form many great birthday memories in the years to come. Children are so unique and each child is gifted. The event of their birthdays makes a perfect time to encourage them.
    Amanda B.