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Valley of the Shadow

Valley of the Shadow

Written by Tom Pawlik
Published at Tyndale

About the book
Conner Hayden is certain he survived his near-death experience for a reason. He thinks it’s to save the life—and soul—of Mitch Kent. Mitch’s body remains on life support while his spirit is trapped with the old farmer Howard Bristol in the Interworld—a strange and dangerous dimension that Conner narrowly escaped during his brush with death in Pawlik’s award-winning debut novel, Vanish. Meanwhile, in the Interworld, Mitch receives a warning from a mysterious stranger: Howard is not who he appears to be, and Mitch must flee immediately. Pursued by Howard and a terrifying creature, Mitch soon learns the truth about what happened to him and that his only hope of survival lies at the very edge of the Interworld.

From the back cover of the book...

Conner fought his way through the woods. Tendrils of mist curled around his legs like serpents seeking to pull him to the ground. But he had to keep going.
He had been here before.
He heard no voices this time. No ghostly whispers from the dark, save one. One single, moaning plea.
Help me!

A shadowy world between life and death, where your worst fears can become reality.
One man lingers on the threshold.
Another has escaped, but he didn’t come back alone.
And a third searches for answers as his nightmares draw him back.
Sometimes, to get to the truth, you have to walk through the valley.

Who is Tom Pawlik?
Tom Pawlik has a BA in communication and works in the marketing field. He has also been active in Christian teaching, youth work, and music for over 20 years. His first novel, The Way Back, took second place in the 2004 Operation First Novel contest run by the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild, in association with Tyndale House Publishers. His second novel, Vanish, won first place in the 2006 contest. In addition to writing fiction, Tom is also an accomplished songwriter and musician who writes and records at his home studio. He and his wife, Colette, live in Ohio with their four children and one large dog.

My Thoughts
Here’s the sequel of the previous book I had reviewed a while back, Vanish.

Valley of the Shadow picks up where the previous book, Vanish, left us hanging. You will now learn if Mitch will be able to make it out of Interworld and how the other characters are doing. When I finished reading the first book, I was wondering what would happen. Interestingly enough, Valley of the Shadow has just being released. So I asked the publisher to have the opportunity to review it because I was quite curious about it. And they did send me a copy of the book.

Once again, the author has included suspense and thriller in his novel. I’m not a big fan of scary novels but this one is not so bad. Actually it made me think a little bit about the battle of good versus evil.

And when you arrived at the end of the novel, you are surprised by the turn of the events. Sometimes, novel always finishes on a good way. Well, prepare for the unexpected. Not that there isn’t any “I’m so happy it finished that way” kind of thought when you close the book. No because there is a happy ending. But there is also something else, sadness, when you will close this novel. And I think it is important to realize that life is not always happy and giggly. There is events sometimes that makes us wonder why this is happening but these same events, will help others to grow and trust God in their own life.

So if you are a fan a thriller stories, I would suggest that you read both Vanish and Valley of the Shadow. You might be surprised...

This review was made possible because I have received a copy of Valley of the Shadow from Tyndale.
Valley of the Shadow and it’s prequel, Vanish, are available everywhere even at and

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