Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pampers’ “A Parent is Born” Blog Tour

Great news for new parents!   Pampers and Mom Central have joined together to create a new project called "A Parent is Born".  Because let's admit it, when baby join you and your spouse in life, you are indeed becoming a parent.   For this reason, Pampers and Mom Central are asking Canadian moms for help to built a community-driven tips and tricks for new and expectant parents.  

In this age of the information highway and where you get tied in the virtual communities, why not creating one for new parents who can feel overwhelmed in the process of having a baby (and sometimes multiple babies!).   Raising a child is indeed a hard work, but if you have a place where you can go and read about what other parents have done for a specific subject and then ponder on these answer together as a couple, I think it help.

Pampers hopes you can help us create a Pampers Tips Sheet for new and expecting Canadian parents filled with your best parenting tips and those of your readers. We’ll pick the best advice and publish it in the Pampers Online Tips Sheet for new parents.

To encourage you to participate there are prizes to win...   yes you read right PRIZES!   25 randomly selected tips will receive a $20 gift card, while one grand prize winner will receive $500. Plus, your tip might earn inclusion in the Tips Sheet for all new and expecting parents to see.   Isn't it cool?

So why wait any longer - Hurry up at Pampers: A Parent is Born to share your tips and tricks in raising babies.

Here's some of the tips I received.
  • My mom told me when I had my first born that caressing the forehead of a baby will help to make him sleep.   It worked....    A gentle caress on the head of my son would make him close his eyes slowly - ever so slowly and he would drift into dream land.    And it was so darn cute to see him fight the sleep coming!
  • Prepare yourself before changing a boy.   Prepare the diaper in advance under his bum.  Remove the dirty diaper and clean him but before disposing the dirty diaper quickly place the diaper over him so that if an accident happens the diaper will catch it.   (this one prove very important when my mother-in-law was changing my oldest once...  he started peeing all over the change table which was in front of the window and the blinds and she just kept laughing and laughing.  I had to teach her that trick believe it or not! )
  • Daddy time - VERY important.   Dad needs to snuggle with the little one too.  Often it is the mom who stays at home.  So when dad come back home - let him hold and have some time with baby.
  • Don't forget to spend time with your husband too.   I know it's hard - especially when more kids enter the house.  But it is ESSENTIAL!
So since this a community project, I encourage all the moms I know that are Canadians (sorry to my American friends!) to head over to to enter their own tips for a chance to win one of 25 gift cards ($20 each) or the grand prize of $500 (full contest details will be available on the website). Moms will be asked for tips in 2 themes:

• How to Cope with Going Back To Work (Ways mom can prepare for D-day and ways to soothe the unease.

• Baby/Mommy sleep tips (Tips to help baby and mom get enough rest!)

Have fun sharing your tips and tricks and good luck!

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