Thursday, December 31, 2009

Winter Wonders - Download N Go Unit Study

Winter Wonders
By Amanda Bennett
Published at TOS

Winter... another special season here in Ontario, Canada. We are so blessed to experience the four seasons here in my province. Each of them has something special... In winter, even though the temperature drops (going sometimes to minus 40C), we also get an amazing landscape with snow and ice.
This is the time to take out the skates and the sleds and enjoy the snow while it is here. When fresh snow falls onto the ground, the children are looking forward to make a snowman. It also means snowstorms sometimes as well as ice storms but regardless I think that winter is a special season in itself. That’s why when I had the opportunity to review the new Download N Go unit study titled Winter Wonders, I jumped on the opportunity.
 In this wonderful unit study (from which I already ordered the books from the library in town for our month of December more specifically before Christmas arrives!), you will discover with your children what is winter, experiment the science behind winter, learn more about the people and places of winter, learn more about animals during the winter and discover the winter sports – including snowshoeing. The best part is that we have  classic snowshoes in the shed. Yes in the shed... and it is packed to the max. I should have thought about it when we were looking for my skates a couple of weeks ago. Oh well! I guess I can show them to the kids when spring comes around – not practical but they can see how they were made by in aboriginal for my own maternal grand-mother.
Throughout this wonderful unit study, you will also discover amazing books with your children. Accompanying this unit study you will get some interesting activities and a lapbook project. What a great way to have fun during the month of December/January!
Personally, I can hardly wait to discover how icicles get formed and where the hot chocolate originates. As any other unit study from Amanda Bennett, Winter Wonders is well packed and you will learn quite a few things while doing it with your kids.
If you are interested in learning more about winter with your children, I recommend that you look into Winter Wonders.  

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