Monday, February 15, 2010

Life Without Plastic

Recently I came upon a wonderful website for products not in plastic. With the current information going around about BPA and such, I was a little bit worried for my 2 years old and the old sippy cups we had. So I contacted Life Without Plastic to offer to review the Klean Kanteen sippy cup and they agreed to send it to me as well as another product.

The delivery was fast because they are close to where I live. So I got the package the day after they told me it was sent. Imagine my surprise to find inside bot only the 355 ml Klean Kanteen but also the Avent Adapter with two non-spill spouts. I can transform it from a regular water bottle to a suppy cup one.

My daughter Jasmine didn’t want to use the regular sippy cup that we already had. I don’t know why. She was indeed the only child who lasted so long on baby bottle and then suddenly decided to drink from a glass. Go figure. But when she saw the shiny bottle, she grabbed it with her two hands and wanted to fill it from the water machine immediately. Now I was totally surprised... Turns out that the bottle has not left her side since then (apart from the washing it twice) because my sweet angel got a cold and the bottle helped her to stay hydrated. I might say that I am also impressed with the length of time the water stay cool inside the bottle. It is very impressive. Even my husband was impressed with it. For us, who love to travel and bring water wherever we go, we might get other bottles for the rest of the family someday. The Klean Kanteen Bottle with Avent Adapter and Spouts is made responsible in China. The product is available for 19.75 Cdn

The other interesting product included in my package was a stainless steel airtight watertight food storage container of 12 cm (4.75”). Made of stainless steel, this container won’t create a mess in your backpack. However, the downside is that if you bring this at school or work, you won’t be able to reheat the meal since it doesn’t go in the microwave. I guess the solution would be to bring a regular plate with you as well... However, this container is great to store something in the freezer and to reheat on the over. Personally, I think I will give it a try at camping this summer when we get the RV ready. You can use a non-permanent marker to write on the container and specify what the content is as well as the storage date. This container is dishwasher safe. This product is also available in different sizes or in a full set of all four sizes. This product is made in Korea and can be bought for 19.75 Cdn.


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