Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Silent Gift

The Silent Gift

Written by Michael Landon Jr. And Cindy Kelley
Published Bethany House

About the book
From the creator/director of the Love Comes Softly film series-- a story both bittersweet and heartwarming of a mother and her son and of his unusual gift.

The decade of the 'thirties was a time of enormous uncertainty--for the world, for America, and in particular for one lonely, struggling mother and her disabled son. Their story is one of unyielding love and incredible sacrifices in the face of circumstances beyond belief.

But then The Gift appears where has it come from, and why? How can a young boy who cannot communicate provide comfort and direction to seekers who learn of the special ability? Whatever the source, its presence brings a single shaft of light and hope to Mary and her beloved son, Jack•. Will it be enough?

A novel filled with passion, with yearning and with hope.

Who are the authors?
Michael Landon, Jr., son of the Little House on the Prairie star, has been building his own reputation in the film world and beyond with his highly successful Love Comes Softly movies. His Christian worldview illuminates all his work, including this, his first novel. He and his wife make a home for their three children in Austin, TX.

Cindy Kelley is married to her high-school sweetheart. Their early dates included flying to various cities for lunch so he could clock flying hours. Devoting herself to raising their three children, she also served as a Lamaze instructor and birth coach. A lover of reading since childhood, she more recently has been able to pursue her dream of writing. Though this is her first novel, she has collaborated on screenplays with Michael Landon Jr., including some Love Comes Softly films as well as The Velveteen Rabbit. Cindy and Jim make their home in Tucson, Arizona, and are enjoying their new role as grandparents.

My Thoughts
This book is interesting. I was wondering where the authors were going with it. Okay there is some drama in the story and honestly the drama kept me going. But I do have some issues on using a gift and making money out of it. God doesn’t intend your gifts to be used that way. Mind you this was done in a desperate situation but still I am sure there could have been another option.

The consequence was media exposure, someone from the past finding mom and son and then a dramatic separation. Where is Jack?

When the mom comes out the search begin. A year has gone by. With the help of someone who was against her before realizing that she wasn’t behind his fall, they discover that God has indeed some surprises under his sleeves. There is a happy ending for every main character at the end. And amidst all the events around this story, the reader will be surprised by the reality of what happened.

This review was possible because I received a copy of The Silent Gift from Bethany House.

The Silent Gift is available everywhere even at and

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