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Moly's Money-Saving Digest - February 2010

Molly’s Money-Saving Digest – February 2010
Published at the Old SchoolHouse

Ahhhh! February is the month of love with the popular holidays called Valentine. So what does Molly has in store for you in February you may ask? Lots and it includes love as well.

To start with there is an interesting article about potatoes. This is often the vegetable that we sometimes consider like the food for the poor... Ever heard of potato soup made often during time of crisis? That’s why I’m saying it is often consider the vegetable for the poor. But under this interesting vegetable, there are lots of nutrients. To complete this article on potatoes, you will find some recipes for regular and sweet potatoes. One of my favourite meal that bring me back to my youth is when I cook ham (I try to take maple ham for this recipe) in the pan with brown sugar and then brown some ring of pineapple with brown sugar. MY plate is never complete with some mashed potatoes on the side of it. Yum!

As always, you will find the items on sale during the month of February and the special dates that call for celebration. For example, February 4th of Thank a Mailman Day. Mmmm! I thank my mailman often especially when he brings me my review packages. *grin* Also included in this digest are the organizational tools that you will find to keep track of your weeks, your gift closet inventory (mine will need to be replenished in the months to come!), as well as a list for birthdays, anniversaries or special occasions for the year.

The next article is about how to refresh your room without spending much. It gives simple ideas to help with the hardest month of the year I think. February is a hard month for me. And sometimes, just to go through the weeks I need to do something different. So today, I re-arranged our armoire in the bedroom and I felt better after I did that. It took me about 10 minutes but it was driving crazy. Now the clothes are organized and arrange for us to find them easier.

As always, this digest brings some interesting recipes. I particularly like the Chocolate Kiss Cookies which I will try to make as soon as I can go to the store to buy some Hershey Kisses. I am also interested in trying the Pepper Steak, the Fruit Pizza, and the Bacon and Tomato Pasta. Sounds delicious don’t you think?

In the Kids’ Korner you will find interesting information for children about banking. There is also an article about how to recycle old shirts with many ideas on how to use them. You will also find some ideas on how to show love to your husband or your children for the special day ahead. Want to know what I will do for the kids? We have a waffle machine that will make heart shape waffles. I am planning to take it out from the cupboards and use it on February 14th. As for hubby and I, we have booked some friends for babysitting on the previous Friday so we can go out.

But what really touched me while reading this digest was the story of Jennifer Sikora which is the marketing manager for Econobusters. Somehow, I could relate to her and her family ordeal during the months of searching for work. We are business owners and 2009 was a rough year for us. We never thought that the economic problems will touch us because we lived in the capital of Canada and the previous economic meltdown from the 80s had not touched the area. Well it wasn’t the case this time, for many months we didn’t have any contracts coming in. Somehow, God has provided at the perfect time and we are still slowly coming back up. But in the process, we learned to be more frugal and to be careful with our resources, the empty the things we had in our cupboards and the freezer. We are looking into the future with hopes that 2010 will be a better year. But I think we learned an important lesson that I am not willing to forget. Frugality is necessary in life. We need to be wise with our purchases and keep an eye open for sales.

If you want to get the Molly’s Money-Saving Digest for February 2010, it is available on e-book format for only 4.95$ US at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine store.

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  1. Thank you and I am glad that my story touched your heart! You are a blessing :)