Monday, February 22, 2010

Whale Tales - Download N Go Unit Study

Whale Tales - Download N Go Unit Study
Published at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
Written by Amanda Bennett

Whales are majestic creatures! I’ve been on a boat to a whale expedition when I was a teen and enjoyed it so much. One of my dreams is to bring my husband and kids to such a trip one of these days. In the meantime though, we can enjoy them when we go to aquariums or places like Marineland. And to prepare for such a trip, Amanda Bennet new Download N Go Unit Study on Whale Tales is a must.

This unit study will make you discover more about whales from where they live to their diet. We all know that whales sing beautifully but what else do we really know about this majestic mammals living in the ocean? Through Whale Tales you will learn a lot about whales and even explore their world via the internet! The children will also discover a bible book that is well known for the whale in it. You guessed it, Jonah and his adventure in the whale’s belly is part of this study.

Again I can feel the level of research done while writing this amazing unit study. The videos are simply stunning and the activities very fun to do. Learning happens best when there is fun I found. In the Download N Go unit studies we have done in the past, my oldest children always find it very special to sit down and watch a video on the subject. While I was reviewing this particular unit study on whales, my oldest son was with me and enjoyed the videos as much as I did. When he saw the video about the whale encounter while being in a tourist submarine, he thought it was way cool. I always knew that whales communicate by singing but to listen to them is so breathtaking. It always remind me the Star Trek movie The Voyage Home where the crew has to go back in time to get some whales so they can rescue planet Earth.

This new Download N Go Unit Study is absolutely fantastic to learn more about whale. After going through it, you will be totally amazed by God’s wonderful creativity in creating mammals that live in water. And you will be prepare for your next trip at the aquarium – providing you have one close to home or wherever you go on a trip.

Whale Tales, a Download N Go Unit Study, is available at The Old Schoolhouse Store for 7.95$ US.

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