Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Share Your Stuff For Free!

In this time and age, we have a tendency to buy lots of stuff - movies, books, games, etc. You name it and you can be sure someone has it. For many people it is also a habit to lend these things to friends, co-workers, family and then the inevitable happens… you can’t remember who has a particular book or movie that you are looking for. Sounds familiar? Enter LobsterNetwork.com welcome to the world of “item networking”.

You probably know the term social networking - with facebook, twitter and many other sites offering similar service for people. Item Networking is kind of the same except that it helps you keep track of your stuff. LobsterNetwork is centered around your stuff, it gives your friends the ability to see what you have and you can find out what they have.

Let me explain. You are an avid reader, you review books and with time you realize that you have many, many books that your friends would probably like to read (yeah that’s me!) or you are a movie junkie, you own a personal movie collection that could rival your local rental place and your friends keep asking you to borrow some to them. Problem is you have trouble keeping track of who has what and when they are suppose to bring it back, LobsterNetwork to the rescue. LobsterNetwork is like having a personal library of your stuff as well as your friend’s stuff on-line. Not only can it help you to track down who has borrowed that latest movie that you have lend out but it will remind them to bring it back after the lend period has expired.

You also have the option to create your own custom communities with your friends where you can share your books, movies and so on. LobsterNetwork also gives you the possibility to store an inventory of the stuff you own for insurance purposes. You can even upload a zip file containing documents or images for each of your items. If your house was to burn down to the ground (God forbid) - no problem if you have taken the time to store on LobsterNetwork a copy of all the invoices of your items.

Personally, I think that LobsterNetwork is a much needed service in the 21st century. As you know, I review books and other products for various publishers. Turns out that I am a real bookworm and I love to share my books with others whenever I can. I also have lots of products for homeschooling that I could share with others. Obviously, I see numerous advantages to using LobsterNetwork. I plan on entering (a little bit every week) all items that I own. The great thing about LobsterNetwork is that I can decide if, how and to whom I want to share my stuff with. Once the bulk of the data entry will be done, keeping it updated will be a piece of cake.

In this difficult time where employment is low and the markets are though, it is important to remember the value of community. The benefits that LobsterNetwork brings for sharing the things we own are simply fantastic, I think. It reminds me of when communities were smaller and everyone knew each others in town and cities. It might be time to re-connect with people in ways we haven’t thought about. Why not start today?

Here's a quick video on how to use LobsterNetwork.

The best part is that it is absolutely FREE! Visit LobsterNetwork.com for more information. After you have registered you can download the “Getting Started Guide” and it will guide you through the process of using LobsterNetwork.

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