Friday, June 11, 2010

Arrived in Boston, MA (Part 2)

So we arrived safe and sound but wet on May 18th.   May 19th is the day were my patience and stress will be tested as we need to back up the RV in our site.  Shall I say to you that in the two years we had the RV, we never really backed it up in a site?   We always managed to avoid it somehow…  But God in all His wisdom has decided to change this.   Okay.  So let’s do it.
It took a few minutes but we were able to do it.  Problem is the site is crooked…  and somehow we can’t get the truck unhook.  Not good.   So I take the kids for a walk.  We saw Canadian geese with babies.   There is even a swan family on site.    Pretty neat.   
2010_05_19_12_07_44By the time I got back the trailer is unhook BUT somehow the tongue slipped and now the trailer is down.  Yikes!   But the RV people were very nice and came to help.  We were now able to set up.  
That was day 3 of our trip…
Remember I told you that Jasmine had been sick.   Well Dominic got it too at some point early in the trip.   Again it lasted only one day.   These empty ice cream containers can become handy in these kind of situation – let me tell ya…
2010_05_19_15_16_50 This picture above show you papa swan stretching out near the lake.
Day 4 – May 20  Destination Boston Science Museum.  Which was almost free by the way since weMore to  have a pass at the museums in Ottawa.   Almost because they asked we pay for one child…  They don’t have the same rule there it was 2 adults 2 children while ours is a family package – parents and all the kids.   Oh well…
The highlight of this visit was the on site explanation we had for how the human heart works – thanks to the generous donation from a sheep…  did you know that a sheep’s heart of about 90% similar to a human heart?   It was very interesting – let me tell you.   At first Alexandre wasn’t too sure about the heart but he enjoyed the information he learned that day.
Here’s some of the pictures of the day!
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More to come on our trip to Boston!

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