Friday, June 11, 2010

Going back home

May 27th – We are leaving Massachusetts today and will drive back to Treasure Isle Campground.    2010_05_27_09_45_34 But before leaving we had a final encounter with the swans…  Papa swan was blocking the road and Mama swan was walking with the kiddos.   Somehow, one little swan is missing this time.  My previous pictures showed three of them while now only two are there.   I wonder what happened to number 3.   Maybe a wild animal ate it…

Back at Treasure Isle, I was wondering how the baby robins were doing and how they will look now.    There were three of them in the nest.   While I was walking toward the play structure, one flew away and went hiding in a pile of wood near by.  

So I climbed the structure and look in the nest.   The two other ones were there, waiting for something…   They didn’t move probably scared to death of the kids and the giant next to the nest.   They were grown now.   Incredible what ten days do in the life of a robin…


May 28th - We are driving back home (home being Logos Land where we park the RV).   So we  drive and got stopped at the border.  Somehow they had decided to search the RV.   The kids were great.  The agents friendly.   It took some time but it was a much needed rest I think.   I suggested to them to put a play structure for family.   They even gave a bracelet to the kids!  

And this is the end of our trip.


  1. I would LOVE to go RVing ~ it looks like so much fun! We enjoy watching baby animals but it is sad when one disappears. Maybe it's better to not know what happened to the baby swan!

  2. Looks like a great trip up until the end.

    Thanks for stopping by and following!

    Looking forward to reading more.