Thursday, June 3, 2010

BlueWater Seafoods

13607CX Recently while I was on vacation I was contacted and offered to review some of the BlueWater Seafoods.  I agreed as we like fish and was looking forward to discover the new products that they had.

So when I got back in town, I had an envelop waiting for me from BlueWater Seafoods.  In it, there was free product coupons as well as two collapsible shopping bags.

The bags are quite interesting.   They fold intopouch_for_site themselves creating a small pouch that could easily be put into a purse, a diaper bag or a business bag.   It will be handy when you go to a store that sells the plastic bags… Instantaneously you would have your own bag to carry whatever you have purchase.

BlueWater is located in Lachine, Quebec and has been in the business for over 50 years.  Let me tell you that they know about seafood and they make sure that they have yummy meals for the family.
Whether you look for shrimp, solle, haddock, tilapia, or salmon, BlueWater Seafoods have a variety of products to tempt your palate and fill your tummy.

So I embarked on a shopping spree one afternoon and discover the variety of products that BlueWater offers in the freezer section of the grocery store.

Here’s the products I got: two bags of Multigrain Tilapia, one box of  potato crunch fillets and one box of lemon herb.

15039CF The Multigrain Tilapia Fillets is a flaky, premium Tilapia fillets strike the perfect blend of oats, barley, and wheat to deliver a delicious crunchy texture that is not dry or bland. The result is a perfect combination of hearty grains and great taste.  This is the one that I particularly like.   The fish was very yummy and savory.   It was melting on your tongue while you eat it.   Also, you feel very full when you have finished supper because of the multigrain.    My husband arrived late that night when I made the tilapia for supper and I almost grabbed his plate and ate his fish after I was done with mine.    Me – who before couldn’t stand eating fish but over the last few years has expanded my palate to enjoy fish more!  *grin*

The Potato Crunch fillets are flaky, whole white fish fillets, coated in a unique extra crunchy breadcrumb made with real potatoes! It has an irresistible potato chip flavor, with the perfect blend of fish and potato.   I can’t wait to taste this one.   Sounds delicious to me.  I have heard of recipes of chicken and potato chips but it never occured to me to do the same with fish.  Sounds very delicious to me!   I’m sure my kids will love this a lot.

Finally, the lemon herb fillets are thick, flaky, white fillets, dipped in the perfect batter, and blended with a special blend of herbs and real lemon. We had this flavor before and enjoyed it a lot.   Served with rice, thai sauce and vegetables, it will make a hit on your table.

AHOY! A CONTEST…. I know that most people nowadays are not too fond of fish and seafood in general.    But fish and seafood are good for your health.   And to help my readers to expand their tastebuds when it concern fish and seafood, BlueWater is offering 5 of my readers the opportunity to win a collapsible shopping bag AND one free product coupon. 

All  you have to do is jump aboard the BlueWater Seafoods website ( and tell me which product you would buy with your free product coupon.  

OPEN TO CANADIANS ONLY!   The winner has to have a Canadian address to receive the collapsible shopping bag and the free product coupon.

Deadline:  June 11th, 2010 
The winner will be selected with the help of


  1. We LOVE Sole so we would love to get the Breaded Sole!

    charmtime at gmail dot com

  2. I would get the Fish Fingers. Great way to get fish into April's belly!

    trisha dot davis at gmail dot com

  3. I would buy the tilapia fillets so healthy and tasty!

  4. I personally love the tilapia fillets,They are so good & healthy.
    gerryrita @

  5. I really like the breaded sole, great for the kids!

  6. Unfortunately - two person has not left their emails so I can't contact them...