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Preparing for Adolescence

Preparing for Adolescence products
Written By Dr. James Dobson
Published at Gospel Light

The Products

0830738304 Preparing for Adolescence CD Pack

How to Survive the Coming Years of Change Contains one parent CD with a message from Dr. Dobson regarding the use of the material. James Dobson interviews three couples who have gone through the "preparing for adolescence" process (with comments by some of their children.) Six additional CDs contain content from the best-selling paperback book, Preparing for Adolescence. An additional CD answers questions teens ask most in order to equip parents to spark discussions with their teens. The CDs can be used as an audio replacement for the book content when desired. There are 8 CDs which are approx. 60 min each.

0830738274 Preparing for Adolescence Family Guide and Workbook

How to Survive the Coming Years of Change This workbook is designed to accompany and reinforce the best-selling book Preparing for Adolescence and the Preparing for Adolescence Family CD Pack. The workbook contains 20 lessons, designed for one-on-one parent and child sessions. It helps parents present the content of the Preparing for Adolescence book in a user-friendly way to the children. The Family Guide is purposefully designed to be a parent/child shared resource. The manual contains 20 lessons, approx. 10 minutes each.

Who is Dr. James Dobson?

James C. Dobson, Ph.D. is founder and chairman of the board for Focus on the Family. His internationally syndicated radio program, Focus on the Family, is heard daily by more than 200 million people. Dr. Dobson is featured in Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare, and has authored many best-selling books including, Emotions: Can You Trust Them? and Preparing for Adolescence. He and his wife, Shirley, have two grown children and reside in Colorado. 

My Thoughts

This year we are going through changes in our family life.  Since last Friday we have now a tween in our household and three other kids are following the footsteps of their oldest brother.  

Consequently, it made us realized that we might not be ready for adolescence.   And knowing that Dr. Dobson has a wonderful product for both parents and teenager, I requested the opportunity to review the Preparing for Adolescence CDs and Family Guide and Workbook.  To my delighted surprised, I received both through the mail without knowing if I would be granted this request.   Thank you Gospel Light!

The series has been done for kids ages 10-14 years old depending of the level of maturity.   Dr. Dobson himself strongly suggest to go through this series while doing a small trip with the child going through puberty.  I so love this idea and planning is something we like to do.  So we can now planned for next year when our oldest will turn 10 years old. 

The CDs can be used at home or during a special trip with the young person.   We are planning a special trip with Dad for the boys and a special trip with Mom with our daughter when the time comes.  The CDs will help you have a conversation with your child about topics such as  growing up, sexuality, drugs and alcohol, inferiority, love and identity.  I like the way the CD set is setup.  The first CD is for parents only and will prepare you on what to expect and what to say.   This CD is encouraging for parents and gives you ideas, suggestions as well as helps you to remember your own passage through puberty.

Cds 2 to 7 are for young people and for parents together on various topics.   These are perfect for the special trip I mentioned above.  Then the last CD is for parents to listen and contains answers to questions your child might ask.  It is an optional CD which you have to review BEFORE going on that special trip with your child.   Pretty neat don’t you think?

The family guide & workbook contains discussion starters as well as activities and ideas that will help you talk about the issues found in the CD.   This workbook is linked to the book or the CD.  However, at the beginning of the workbook it is suggested to go see the corresponding CD segments at the back of it and the list is not there.   It is a bit disappointing I find.   I have contacted the publisher about this missing information and I am confident that they will send me the listening guide for the CDs. 

As for the activities included in the workbook, I can say that I wished I had had something like that when I was going through the teenage years.   I think it would have helped me to deal with a multitude of emotions and events.

I think Preparing for Adolescence is a curriculum that should be in every household.   This will help not only the young men and women to go through a hard period of time but also it will help parents to prepare to the roller-coaster years of adolescence.

Also available in this series are the book itself and the group guide which can be used in a church setting.

This review was possible because I received a copy of Preparing for Adolescence CD Pack and Preparing for Adolescence Family Guide and Workbook from Gospel Light.

738274: Preparing for Adolescence Family Guide: How to Survive the Coming Years of Change
Preparing for Adolescence Family Guide: How to Survive the Coming Years of Change
738304: Preparing for Adolescence: How to Survive the Coming  Years of Change -audio CD
Preparing for Adolescence: How to Survive the Coming Years of Change -audio CD


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