Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TOS Crew Blog Walking

Since the new cruise has started, we are busy to get to know each other, discover the new members on the TOS Crew and slowly learning which vendors will be part of the voyage.

This is my third year on the crew and this year I am a First Mate which means I have a mini-crew of 4 wonderful women under me.    As a First Mate, it is my duty to help them is questions arise and remind them that a review is due in the days to come.   Since my kids are quite young – ages 2, 4, 6, and 9 – I am part of the younger crew.  

This year we are divided in two crews – the younger one and the older one.   The older crew will review products for high schoolers while the younger crew will cover the products for preschool and primary school.    I am so looking forward to this new adventure.   Already there are some interesting vendors that I can’t wait to review.

As part of learning about each, someone on the crew suggested that we do a blog walking.   It is an interesting idea and since I have missed week 1, I will post for the two weeks right now!

Week 1: June 14-18th
1. Reaping a Harvest
Alane is the author of this blog.   She is a mom of three boys (which reminded me of my life before the birth of our little girl).  What striked me when I came to her blog were two things: the word harvest and then a bunch of dandelions…  *grin*   Somehow I never thought of putting these two together.  LOL  Her blog is bright and makes me think of when I look up to God to guide me in my day to day live.  
2. Pink & Orange Coffee
Lexi is the author of this blog.  She is the mom of one great kid who is 7.     Through this blog you can learn of her homeschool life, review that she will be doing during the coming year as well as jump over to her blog which is all about food.   (I love food and discovering new things so I will definetively jump to Big Momma and Me!)
3. Live, Laugh, Learn!
Alina is a mom of two kids who enjoys wearing multiple hats (well who wouldn’t when you are a stay-at-home mom?).    I love the title – Live, Laugh, Learn!    So true when you think about it.   We live.  It is important to laugh at everythin and anything – even ourselves.  And learning is an ongoing process for anyone…  In her blog you will discover who she is and how she keeps herself busy.
4. Mrs. Mandy's Musings
This blogger is a military wife and homeschooling mom of three kids.   She loves being creative and crafty (and her blog shows that very well!).   I think we would get along together as I also like to scrapbook and create cards.    While going through her blog, I discovered an interesting timeline that they have done during the year.   This timeline is very creative and follow the steps while going up and down the stairs.   I am not setup for this kind of possibility but I always love to see the ideas of other moms.   Thanks for sharing Mrs. Mandy!
5. The Fantastic Five
The first word that popped out of this blog was SUPERHERO.   LOL   And then that’s when I saw the picture of Wonder Mom…  So darn cute!  I also loved the journaling of the bird’s nest and the babies even though the end is not so joyful. 
6. Refined Metals Academy
The author of this blog is a mom of one superhero and two princesses.    Amber is a busy mom who also homeschool her kids.    Refined Metals Academy is the homeschool of the family.  In here, you will have a direct link to their family blog as well as learn about their adventure in homeschooling three kids.    She also shares a lot of interesting ideas on how to involve the little ones in the homeschool.    With a preschooler in my own house, I will enjoy seeing what Amber is doing with her kids.
7. Just A Moment in Time
Amy is the author of this blog and she uses it to preserve memories, share ideas and connect with other mommies.    This year she will also share her adventure on the crew.  Right now I’ve enjoyed discovering another family who likes to camp.    Maybe some days we could meet up…
8. Providence Farm
Farming!  Yeah!  This family has a farm located in Frankston, Texas and they are specialised in grass-fed beef, farm fresh eggs, garden vegetables, homemade bread and jelly, seasonal fresh cut flowers, U-Pick strawberries and field trips.    WoW!  Talk about being busy like bees…   I would love to visit their farm and join forces to grow something.    Sounds like an adventure.  And I would love to taste grass-fed beef, farm fresh eggs and vegetables.     Yum!  
9. My Journey
Meet Angela.    Mom of three kids she is also on the crew.   On her blog she also share reviews and their homeschool like.  She was part of the crew the first year we sailed to discover new homeschool products and I am pleased to see her part of the crew again this year.      
10. Petra School
The author of this blog practice relaxed homeschooling which makes me think of the way we do school during the summer time.   Relaxing. Fishing. No stress allowed.   So why do I stressed out during the Fall/Winter months I wonder.   I look forward to discover more about Petra School and their adventure in homeschooling.
Now!  Week one is completed…  *grin*   Here’s week 2 blog walking.  
Week 2:  June 21-25th
1. Second Star to the Right and Straight On Till Morning
The author of this blog is a mom of 4 who also have an interesting life in teaching her kids.  I like it when there are tons of pictures from the family.   It like we enter their world and see a bit of their life.     And this blog display lots of pictures of the kids having fun, things they made and much more.   
2. Surviving The Testosterone
Amanda is a mom of three boys and there is tons of Testosterone in her house.    I really like the fresh look of her blog and I look forward to get to know her better.   I like the fact that she includes discussions she has with her boys.   Fun and different.
3. Family Style School
Here’s a mom who manages a homeschool of 4 kids (well I can related here for sure!).    Once again you learn from people thanks to their blog.  And here not only you will have reviews but also tidbits from their family life.   I look forward to discover more from this mom.
4. School Around The Bible
Here’s Amy’s blog.  WoW!  This reminds me of my high school and university agenda.  *grin*    I liked the style of her blog as soon as I saw it.  I still am like this with our homeschool agenda where I write, staple and use clips to hold things together.   Amy is a mom to three kids and is a former teacher.   The title of the blog “School Around the Table” reminds me of our situation as well.  The dining room table is our official place to write and do work.   *grin*   And the living room is the place where we read…  
5. 1628 The Story of The Goebels 5
Andria is the mom of three kids and is new to the crew this year.    And I see that we have some things in common already – like CAMPING!   Yeah!  Another family to eventually meet to camp with.   Super!
6. Morris Family Madness
6 kiddos are making a full homeschool for this mom.  The blog is full of their experiences on a daily basis and is fun to read.    I find this mom very talented in sewing wonderful clothes for her kids.   I love the dresses the girls have.  I wished I had the patience to tackle something like that.  
7. Homeschool Musings
April is a mom of three kids who also homeschool.   She is mostly using Sonlight Curriculum but is also part of the crew this year which means she will get a variety of new products to discover with her kids.   I look forward to get to know her better in the months to come.
8. Homeschooling (and then some!)
Meet April and her family.  This blog will bring details of their daily life as well as their homeschool days.     She seems to be excited to be part of the crew and to discover new homeschool products.   Remind me of how I felt the first year I was picked.  *grin*  It will be a great year April.  Guaranteed!
9. Heartfelt Homeschooling
OH!  I recognize this bright and fun blog setting.  It’s the same one as School Around the Table…*grin*   Did I mentioned to you that I loved it?   Seriously though April shares her life in many ways.  Like for example, her husband has ordered her a trophy for her titled Queen of the Pool!  How cute is that?  (okay to know the story behind this trophy you need to go read the blog…) I think it is a fun way to celebrate dedication to her family.   Congrats on the trophy April!
10. following Him home
Apryl is the author of this blog.  She is a mom and homeschooler who is also talented in drawing.  The drawing of her grand-mother made me think of my maternal-grandmother.    And then I got all nostalgic because I miss her even after all those years.    *sigh*  

Voilà!   I’ve completed the first two weeks of blog walking with the crew.  With over 200 crew members I will continue to present you the rest of the folks who are part of this wonderful adventure.    Stay tune for more blogs to visit…

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  1. Aw thanks sweetie! So glad you like my timeline. And here I was thinking it wasn't all that, just some string and index cards. Love your blog theme, are you actually in Canada or just from there? I have a good friend in our church who is from Canada and her family is still there. Looking forward to getting to know you better. I also love to camp but hubby refuses until we get a camper (lost our tent last year).