Friday, January 21, 2011

Frost Experiment

As some of you know already, I review books and products, including homeschool products.

I recently received a fun little thing that contains activities on various subjects.

2011_01_21_10_21_11_0010This morning, I decided to print the activities on frost.  In the middle of these, there was a little experiment.

Take a metal container.

Crush some ice and fill it at about half way.

Include 4 tbsp of salt (we took the salt for canning).

Mix well and wait for a while. 

In the meantime, do another activity like reading to your kids or do some math work…

Once you are done whatever other activity you have decided to do come back to your metal container.

Watch for what happened.

The salt has brought the temperature down on the outside of the can.  

Can you see the frost around ours? 


You can do various sizes to see the difference.

Have fun experimenting with your kids…

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