Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New design

So what do you think?

Please leave me comments and tell me what you think of this new design of the site.



  1. I think it looks great! I really like the color combination and the header.

    (PS, for some reason, I am having difficulties getting your main page to open today. I can only open one post at a time but that may be my computer)

  2. Thanks for telling me. I have other issues to check out as well... Like the numbering of comments which has disappeared. Worse case scenario, I will compared the old code (fortunately I did keep a backup) with the new code.

  3. I too had problems loading your main page. Today is the first day it would load at all for me! I like the layout, but it'll take some getting used to for me. It feels a little darker to me and doesn't stand out quite as much. I liked the brighter color scheme better, but this one is nice in it's own way. I do like the header though!!

  4. Thanks for your input Trish but I am trying to keep in the colors of a ladybug...

    I prefers this background than the one I had previously. But who knows... I might include more features in the future.