Wednesday, July 13, 2011

10 Cool places to visit

1) Canadian Rockies!


2) SandBanks Provincial Park and Prince Edward County in Ontario.


3) Prince Edward Island


4) Boston Children’s Museum, Boston, MA


5) Science North in Sudbury, ON.


6) Elliot Lake, ON – Visit at the dump… 


7) The Paramedic headquarters in Ottawa, ON (Open Doors happens in early June).


8) Disney Institute – 1998.   Back then individuals could take fun courses on cooking, videography and much more.   During our honeymoon, we experience the Disney Institute.   Unfortunately, this is not open to individuals anymore… 


9) Northern Ontario – My husband is from New Liskeard (Now Themiskaming Shores).  I always love going up there when his parents still lived there.  Now they are closer to their kids and it has been a long time since we went up there.   We hope to be able to do a fishing trip one of there days.  


10) Colorado Springs, CO.


Oh there’s more I could mentioned like Cuba, Dominican Republic and meeting our sponsored child from Compassion Canada, a few more Provincial Parks we have visited and enjoyed…

Anywhere I can go with my family is a special place.   We make wonderful memories by visiting the area and exploring together.  

Ultimate Blog Challenge

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  1. We do have a lot of beautiful place in Canada, don't we. I am from Alberta.

    Good luck with your blog and the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

    Candace Davies