Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Drink your Greens and your Berries

About two months ago, a friend of mine posted on facebook that she was drinking her greens…   Curious I asked her why she wasn’t eating them instead.   She introduced me to the product she was using and told me one of the major benefit of doing so – boost of energy.   We both felt that we needed to try this to see if it would work.   We initially tried the product my friend was using but then after looking into a group sale deal for Popeye’s Supplements I discovered that there was other companies doing so.   I have contacted one in particular to see if I could review their products and they agreed. 

About the products


PhytoBerry is a highly concentrated berry based whole food supplement that is loaded with natural antioxidants.  We keep hearing how antioxidants are good for you and prevent sickness like cancer via the various media around us. 

Essentially the PhytoBerry has been designed to offer whole body antioxidant protection.    It contains no artificial ingredients and a single serving has the equivalent nutrient of 6 to 8 servings of fresh fruit.  

Benefits associated to the PhytoBerry are numerous like whole body antioxidant protection, slows the aging process, strengthens  immune function, supports cardiovascular health, stimulates and enhances brain function, promotes mental clarity and improves memory, boosts energy levels, protects eye health, balances blood sugar, improves digestive tract, speeds wound healing, supports liver function, lowers cholesterol, helps alleviate allergies.


VegeGreens is a comprehensive combination of over 60 land, sea and cruciferous vegetables, as well as super green foods, EFAs, pre and probiotics, enzymes and herbal extracts.  It will supply your body with an amazing range of nutrients and each serving is equivalent to 6 to 8 servings of fresh vegetables.  

The benefits linked to this products are the following:  restores a healthy pH. detoxifies the body, cleanses the colon, increases energy and renews mental clarity, stimulates and enhances brain function, strengthens immune system, supports cardiovascular health, slows aging, balances blood sugar, boosts metabolism, protects eye health, lowers cholesterol, supports liver function, improves digestive tract, promotes a clearer complexion, acts as an anti-inflammatory, helps prevent osteoporosis, and relieves allergies.

Our Thoughts

Eating vegetables and fruits should be on everyone’s menu on a daily basis right?   But with work, kids, managing a home and a business, reviewing products, it is easy to forget and not eat what we are suppose to eat…  And eventually,health problems can arise, tiredness is your companion and you wonder why you don’t have the energy your kids have.   When we first heart about “drinking your green” we were curious.   So we decided to try it ou.

Both my husband and I have started to take our VegeGreens or PhytoBerry on a daily basis.  We usually alternate 3-4 VegeGreens before taking a PhytoBerry but within a week we have seen a difference in our level of energy.  While before we were tired in the afternoon and more likely to take a nap, now we have more energy and the nap is not needed.   We were both impressed with the results.

But as I continue taking these, I realize other benefits for me.   Stronger nails are one of them.   I used to have nails that would easily breaks.  There was no way I could ever think of getting my nails grow a bit and eventually get nail polish on them.  Well no anymore… In two weeks, I will be going to a SPA treatment (thanks to my husband) and get a manicure in the package deal – my first ever believe it or not!  

Another bonus for me would be my regularity.   Okay I don’t want to go into details but I have seen a difference in my digestive system and how it functions now.   

And to know that these products will boost my immune system at the same time, I am quite curious to see how my health will be next winter.   Winter time is always hazardous with four kids.   I usually get a few of bronchitis and so on.   I am hoping that my propensity of getting sick often during the cold season will be reduce quite a bit.

Like I said before, we are very impressed with the results we have seen so far while we took the VegeGreens or PhytoBerry in the morning.   We are already talking about it to family and friends.   And I have recently discovered and another friend of mine uses these products.   If you find you lack energy in your life and would see some changes I would like to suggest that you try the VegeGreens and PhytoBerry.   Give it a try and see the difference it will make in your life!

For more details on what ingredients can be found in the PhytoBerry and the VegeGreens, click on the images below.  You will be able to see where each ingredients target which body systems and organs.    I have received these flyers from the store where we will purchase the VegeGreens and PhytoBerry – Popeye’s Supplements.

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The PhytoBerry comes in 450 and 900 grams and is priced around 34.99 – 79.99 depending of the size you will choose.   Also available is a product for kids – PhytoBerry for kids .

The VegeGreens comes in 265 and 510g or even in pill format.    The price range is from 34.99 to 79.99.  However, we have seen a sale at Popeye’s Supplements where we were able to get one for regular price and the second one for half price.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Progressive Nutritional for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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