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Complete Painting and Drawing Handbook

9780756656423HComplete Painting and Drawing Handbook
Published at DK Canada

About the book

Aimed at the novice artist, the book is organized around simple guidelines, which help the reader to progress in a structured manner and achieve satisfying results. The book is structured into four sections - drawing, watercolor, acrylics and oils. Each section opens with an overview of materials and basic techniques, and then moves on to achievable step-by-step projects that will help to train the reader's eye and develop their painting or drawing skills. Clear explanations of basic principles encourage readers to tackle subjects ranging from simple studies to landscapes and portraits, and galleries of contemporary artwork illustrate how successful artists approach different topics and techniques. Written by practicing artists, whose enthusiasm will inspire as well as guide, this book brings a breath of fresh air to practical art teaching. With vibrant artworks and engaging text, the books encourage the reader to experiment in order to develop their skills and gain confidence.

My Thoughts

Both my grand-mothers painted.   My maternal grand-mother was doing it when she was sixteen.   I still have her painting done on roller-blinds in our dining room.


My paternal grand-mother painted as well when I was younger.   She painted birthday card, did some pieces on wood, and other things. 

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My mom always said it was in my genes.  I didn’t believe it… not until we launched our church a few years ago.   On the tables, we had put some pastels and crayons.  People could draw during the service.  The church has close its doors since two years.  But during the time it was open I discovered that I could draw.   I’m not an artist per say but I like to grab a pencil, crayons, or pastels and use them every once in a while – whenever I have a minute or two.   I still dream that one day I could take courses but in the meantime I develop this ability with whatever books I can get my hands on.  

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So you can imagine my delight when I had the opportunity of reviewing the Complete Painting and Drawing Handbook.

Four workshops are included in this magnificent book; drawing, watercolor, acrylics and oil-painting.  For each and single one of the workshops you are guided through the basics and slowly build up on it.

Each workshop include an introduction and a basic chapter on the kind of materials and techniques are included.   And while you advanced in the chapter, you will get a lesson as well as projects to work on.  The projects can be overwhelming at first but if you follow the steps (and have the time to work on it which is not the case for me) you can accomplish marvelous drawings/paintings. 

I have looked into the drawing workshop in more details then I did for the watercolor, acrylics or oil-painting.  Why?  Simply because I cannot equip myself for the other two.   However, recently we got a good deal on acrylic paint at one of the art stores in town.  I bought some because I want to make personalized frames for my kids and include pictures of them as they grow up.   So I could explore the acrylics one of these days…  

While scanning and reading the drawing section, I have learned the difference the paper can make.   Having pictures demonstrating the differences is always helpful to visualize it.   So I have seen how a smooth paper versus a rough paper can be different when you draw with charcoal, colored pencil and pastel.   I am looking forward to try out and develop my skills using this book.   In all for the drawing workshop there is 12 projects to complete.   I am looking forward to do the exotic flower but before I can even imagine to venture in this project (#10) I know that I need to cover the basics steps like understanding lines, drawing with tone, and drawing composition.

Drawing takes time and patience…  Patience I can deal with (when I don’t get disturbed every five minutes or so *grin*) but the time issue is problematic for me.   However, I want to learn and I will try to commit to explore my drawing skills more with this book.

The Complete Painting and Drawing Handbook is available at your favourite bookstore, including

Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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