Monday, January 2, 2012

One Thousand Gifts–Weeks 29 and 30


291. My sweet daughter turning 4 years old.

292. My husband officially turning 40 on Winter Day.

293. Free French books for our homeschool.

294. Awana Store where the kids purchased Christmas gifts for others.

295. Reflecting on Jesus birth.

296. My husband who did a treasure hunt for the kids on Christmas Day.

297. Good food. Great company. Laughter.

298. Friends coming to visit.

299. My kids who bought me a MOM ring.25513

300. My brand new KitchenAid Mixer – red empire – Do you think I should put black spots on it?  *grin*

301. Family get-together

302. Watching Captain America with friends

303. the flexibility of homeschool

304. SNOW – we almost didn’t have a white Christmas…

305. People slowing down and stopping so you can cross the street with your little girl.

306. An invitation for New Years lunch from another family at our church.

307. Free potatoes – thanks to another homeschooler who had too many of them after forgetting she had purchased some and had some at home!

308. My kids who are very helpful around the house.

309. Goofy gifts

310. The new year starting – HELLO 2012!



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