Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Clever Dragon and Always Ice Cream Fall Special

Are you looking for a website where you know you child will learn and have fun?   Do you want to find a site that is completely safe and you won’t have to worry about stalkers?   Well you are in for a treat as there is such a site for your kids.  Actually it is more like two sites – one for boys titled Clever Dragon and one for girls known as Always Ice Cream.

Both sites are smart fun for kids in grades K to 8 with activities on typing, math, arts, music, geography and more.   They will learn at the same time as having fun.  It is perfect to complement what you cover at home or what they learn at school.   See my review of Clever Dragons to learn more about the boys site.   The girl site is similar with games and activities more geared for girls.

Right now there is a Fall Special.  If you purchase a lifetime membership you will pay only 79$ while the family lifetime membership is 159$.   For the quality and the peace of mind, I find that these prices are fabulous!

To access the membership page for either sites, click on the images below.

image      image

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