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DK Readers Lego Friends Titles and a contest at DK Canada

There are two new DK Readers in the series and this time little girls who are fans of the Lego Friends will be delighted because the books are all about the friends living in Heartlake City!

9780756693824HThe first book is titled Friends Forever and is considered a level 3 book on the DK readers chart.   In this book you will meet the girls of Heartlake City – Mia, Stephanie, Emma, Andrea, and Olivia – and discover how different their 9780756693848Hpersonality are.  But in the end they have something in common – friendship!

The second book is titled Welcome to Heartlake City and is considered a level 4 book. In this book, you are invited to take a tour of Heartlake City!   You will meet the LEGO® Friends as they hang out at all the hotspots such as the tree house, beauty parlor, the idyllic Whispering Woods, and their favorite café. There are always lots of cool things to do in the city. But most of all, the girls just like hanging out with each other!

Both book gives more background on the universe of Lego friends.  My daughter, who is four years old, has received one Lego Friend items last year and since then she plays with Stephanie whenever her brothers are playing with Lego.   Having a selection of Lego specifically for girls is marvelous.   These two books will not only present the girls and what they like to do but it will also transport my daughter in Heartlake City to discover the place where they live.  

I am slowly bringing more books more geared toward her taste and her gender.  These two books are definitively a great addition for her personal library. 

The DK readers is a multilevel reading program which will enable your child to become more confident with his/her reading skill as they grow.   There are five levels in the DK readers reading program:

  • Level 1 Pre-level: This leaver is perfect for the child who is learning to read.  It contains high-frequency words, a picture word strip, a picture glossary and a simple index.   It also uses labels to introduce and reinforce the vocabulary.  Adult participation is highly recommended.
    Level 1: This level is perfect for the beginning to read child.  Simple sentences and limited vocabulary are use for strengthen the reading skills.   This level also contains a picture glossary and a simple index.
    Level 2: This level is ideal for the beginning to read alone child.  You will find longer sentences and an increased vocabulary.   Information boxes are also spread throughout the pages and will provide extra fun facts about the subject of the book. 
    Level 3: Level 3 is mostly geared for kids in the reading alone category.  This level support a more complex sentence structure as well as a comprehensive index, an alphabetical glossary and information boxes.
    Level 4: Finally, this level is for proficient readers. Kids at this level will enjoy having a rich vocabulary and challenging sentence structure if the subject if of interest to them.   An alphabetical glossary, a comprehensive index as well as addition information complete the book.

If you have a little girl who loves the Lego Friends, I think she will be delighted to have books based on these characters.    And the best part is that more titles on Lego Friends are planned for March 2013 with a level 2 titled Summer Adventure and a level 3 titled Let’s Go Riding.



DK Celebrates LEGO and the love of creativity!

As the world's bestselling publisher of LEGO books we want to celebrate our joy of the brick with a month-long photo contest – with a fabulous prize of an amazing collection of DK’s LEGO books worth over $200!

We want to see what creative kids ages 14 and under can make with their LEGO. Simple send us a photo and at the end of the month our Canadian LEGO Fan Builder extraordinaire Deborah Higdon ( featured in the LEGO Ideas Book ) will select a winning creation. Your kids can enter as often as they like with different creations. Throughout the month we will be posting the photos on as well as on our Facebook page and Twitter feed @DKCanada.


Send a photo of your LEGO creation ( don’t forget that you can enter as many times as you like with different creations ) to us at (jpgs only, no larger than 5 mb). Please include the headline For the Love of LEGO in your email. One lucky entrant will win a DK LEGO Book collection worth over $200!

Deadline for submissions is October 31st, 2012 6 EDT

For more details check out the Lego Boutique at DK Canada.

Good luck everyone!


The books Friends Forever and Welcome to Heartlake City are available at your favourite bookstore, even, and for the Kindle.







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