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Find it, Make it

9781907563058 Find it, Make it – Outdoor Green Crafts for Children
Written by Clare Young
Published at Cico Books

About the book

Keep kids entertained with Clare Youngs' brilliant collection of toys, jewellery, gifts and more that have been designed with the environment in mind. Every project incorporates some kind of recycled material, whether using a plastic bag as the sail for your orange peel ships or creating pretty fairies out of dried flowers. Wherever you are, there will be a project to make that includes the materials close to hand. If you fancy a day at the beach, make sure you gather a few shells for the shell mice, or pick up leaves and twigs on a walk in the forest to use on the leaf mobile. Even the back garden is home to materials that can be turned into a whole host of playtime essentials. Budding artists will love the ideas for natural dyes, bark rubbings and handmade paper, while junior gardeners won't be able to resist the cress heads that you can decorate with fun faces. Every project comes complete with easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions, plus all sorts of ideas for variations. So what are you waiting for? Get outside and get crafting!

My Thoughts

This book is simply a fabulous book to have to keep your kids busy during the spring, summer and fall season.   And having ideas to use outdoor items to create crafts is always a blessing in disguise when go camping.   This book will help you keep your kids busy when you don’t want to spend the whole day at the beach.  

Nothing is more natural for kids to explore their environment when they arrive at camping.    Now, before I dig into the book for you, please remember to make sure your kids are dress accordingly when going into the woods.   Why am I saying this?  Because in our family, I have one child that is prone to catch poison ivy every single time he gets in contact with it.   In about a year, I was exposed four times and every time it is worse than the previous reaction.    So if you know that your child is prone in catching such a thing, I strongly suggest that you have pants to cover the legs and socks in the feet for exploration in the forest.

Having said that, you might be wondering the type of crafts included in this book.    Well the book starts with a little introduction on how to collect materials and how to prepare yourself to make the crafts.   You might want to pack paint, glue, scissors and other items before leaving or simply go to the nearest dollar store to get what you need.  There are five chapters in this book – play and display, playtime, gift ideas and jewelry, colorful characters, and amazing animals.  Each chapter contains numerous ideas to keep your child busy while camping or at home.  

There are ideas to create letters with twigs, make a wind chime, create a seaside scene,  make boats, design your own pendant with seashells, create a woodland character or design a fairy garden.    These are simply a sample of all the ideas you can found in this book.   For each project, you will get complete instructions, step-by-step photos as well as a picture of the final product.  

With these fabulous ideas, you could have your kids decorate your home, your RV or simply your camping site.    Whether you need to find something to do on a rainy day or simply to occupy your kids during the afternoon while you have a quiet time to relax, this book is packed with wonderful ideas for them to create fun crafts.

Find it, Make it is available at your favourite bookstore, even

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