Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Easy-Bake


IMG_6461Mother’s Day is this week-end and Hasbro Canada has a great idea for little girls throughout the country.  Why not take the time to bake something fun for your mom to honor her for the love she has for you?   You could grab dad and ask him to help you!  Together you will make memories for the special woman in your lives.

And dad if you don’t have an Easy Bake oven in your home, why not get one in order to bless your wife with your daughter(s)?

Well, we do have an Easy Bake oven in our home and Jasmine loves to use it whenever she can.   Hasbro has sent me a few of the kits available on the market.

One of the kit I have receive this time is the one that makes Red Velvet CupcakesA36A57605056900B10ABC19A39FC7538 The EASY-BAKE ULTIMATE OVEN REFILL PACK assortment offers a tasty selection of snacks for the new EASY-BAKE Ultimate Oven. I   A whole variety of assorments are available including  chocolate chip and pink sugar cookies, red velvet cupcakes, chocolate and strawberry cake, cinnamon and brownie sticks, pretzels, and cheese pizza.   Each of these tasty treats will satisfy any sweet tooth!

When my daughter received her Easy-Bake she quickly opted for the Red Velvet Cupcakes for her first ever cooking experience with the Easy Bake Oven.   She was careful to follow the instruction and prepared the mix and the icing very carefully, she poured the dough in the special tool and made sure it was cooking properly.   That day the Red Velvet Cupcakes quickly disappears – you have to understand that we are six people in the family and her brothers were looking forward to taste her cupcakes.   It was delicious to say the least and it brought back memories of my own from when I was younger and had an older version of the Easy Bake Oven (the kind with the light bulb in it!).



Hasbro has also provided two other interesting kits for my daughter.    The Chocolate Cake Pops and the Red Velvet and Chocolate Whoopie Pies kits which will allow your girl to make something different and out-of-the-ordinary for the people she loves.     I was introduced to Whoopie Pies when we visiter Pennsylvania back in 2008.  Jasmine was a tiny 6 months old little girl that did amazing for our first road trip with our RV.    And what can I say of Cake Pops…?   It’s the latest craze and honestly I tip my hat to the many moms out there who enjoy creating funky cake pops.   One bit and it’s gone.    I am quite curious about trying out these special kits with my daughter.


Again the kits contains all you need to create these amazing sweets and will be fun to do with your daughter.


Other kits that I would love to try out with Jasmine in the future are the Checker Cakes, The Party Pretzel Dippers and the Devil’s Food Cake & Strawberry Cake Mix.  

TheEasy Bake Oven and the kits are available at your favourite toy store, even at   Please be aware that each kit is sold separately and styles may vary in stores.


Disclaimer: Thanks to Hasbro Canada for sending me the above mentioned products for review purposes . I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.


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