Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DK Eyewitness DVD–Pond and River

9780756628314HDK Eyewitness DVD Pond and River
Published by DK Canada

About the DVD

Here is an original and exciting new look at the fascinating natural world of ponds and rivers. Stunning real-life photographs of fish, water beetles, frogs, underwater weeds, and more offer a unique "eyewitness" view of the natural history of plants and animals that live in and around freshwater habitats. See how a trout develops from its egg, how a dragonfly nymph changes into a dragonfly, what plants look like under the water, and how waterbirds camouflage themselves. Learn how a frog catches its food, why a caddisfly makes a case from sticks and shells, and why kingfisher eggs have no camouflage markings. Discover how to distinguish the difference between toad spawn and frog spawn, how underwater nests are made, how a salmon climbs a weir, which insects can walk on water, and much, much more.

Our Thoughts

The campground we park our RV has a nice lake where numerous creatures can be observed.   Well, actually it is two lakes separated by a small wooden bridge to allow you to go on some trails.   Every year, my kids and husband go fish in the biggest lake but we have encountered turtles, frogs, fish, dragonflies and much more in our exploration.   Knowing that the campground will open in a couple of weeks, It just made sense to watch the Pond and River DVD.  Besides it was a great item to have at hand when I wasn’t feeling too good due to sickness.  

So one Friday morning, we sat down in the living room and proceeded to discover what we can learn about ponds and rivers.   As per previous DVDs from DK, I knew we would have an interesting time watching it.  In this DVD you will discover the kind of animals that can be found there, what is the water cycle, how the U.S. Army went into battle against a mighty river, how some frogs carry their young and how humans has made sure that some fish can go back to where they were born when they face a huge manmade dam.


This year as part of our learning experience during the summer, I would like to take sample of water at the campground and observe what can be found under the microscope.   I will once again bring my camera with me when I go for walks and hope to snatch some IMG_7813cool pictures of plants and animals living near the water.  Who knows maybe I will spot the beaver or the muskrat living in the smaller lake.  I heard a splash quite often while walking around it.   I suspect it is a beaver but until I see it with my eyes, I can’t be sure.  I had the privilege to watch one of the painted turtles laying eggs a few years back and hope to once again witness this event.   

The Eyewitness DVD Pond and River is fascinating and will teach you quite a lot about the life found in these waters.

The DK Eyewitness DVD Pond and River is available for purchase at your favourite bookstore, even amazon.ca and amazon.com

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