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Tower of Babel

tower-of-babelTower of Babel – The Cultural History of Our Ancestors
Written by Bodie Hodge
Published at Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing

About the book

The Tower of Babel: The Cultural History of Our Ancestors reveals our shared ancestry as never before! Many are familiar with the Biblical account of Babel, but after the dispersal, there was a void beyond Biblical history until empires like Rome and Greece arose. Now, discover the truth of these people groups and their civilizations that spread across the earth and trace their roots back to Babel as well as to the sons and grandsons of Noah. 

Many of today’s scholars write off what occurred at the Tower of Babel as mythology and deny that it was a historical event. Beginning with the Biblical accounts, author Bodie Hodge researched ancient texts, critical clues, and rare historic records to help solve the mystery of what became of the failed builders of Babel. For the purpose of defending the Bible, Hodge presents these and other vital historical facts surrounding this much-debated event. Teens and older can use this layman’s reference for Biblical classes, ancient history, apologetics training, and to realize their own cultural connection to the Bible.

My Thoughts

If there is one story of the Bible that I want my kids to understand and comprehend the major impact it had on the world as we know it today, it is definitively the Tower of Babel.  This book will decorticate all the questions you might have concerning the events written in the Tower of Babel in order to give you a better perspective on how these reflects the cultural heritage we have today.   Like it or not, most of us Christians who are going to church every week have the tendency of skipping the biblical genealogies when reading the Word.   I personally think that you can glean vital information when looking at genealogies – and I am glad I was able to get our personal genealogies as a family (well most of it I am missing my paternal grand-mother side.).

Each chapter of this book is answering a specific question that many people might ask nowadays – whether because of ignorance or because of criticism and controversies surrounding the events.

  1. How do you pronounce Babel?
  2. What kind of specific attacks are there?
  3. Is this really a biblical authority issue?
  4. The biblical account
  5. Isn’t there a contradictions between Genesis 10 (World having multiple languages) and 11 (World having one language)?
  6. Why were the people disobedient?
  7. When did the scattering occur?
  8. Where did the scattering occur?
  9. Was the Tower of Babel built or not?
  10. What was the purpose of the Tower of Babel?
  11. What did the Tower look like?
  12. Did all ~7000 languages today come out of Babel?
  13. What about extra-biblical tables of nations and genealogies that go back to Noah?
  14. Was Nimrod in charge of forcing a rebellion prior to the events in Genesis 11:1-9?
  15. Did the continents split in the days of Peleg?
  16. By what means did those scattering from Babel travel?
  17. Where did all the people go initially?
  18. What about Asia, the Americas, and Australia?
  19. Were Noah’s three sons triplets?
  20. Did those listed in the account of the Tower of Babel have other children after they left Babel?
  21. Did people really live those great ages from Creation well past the Tower of Babel?
  22. What about the decrease in ages?
  23. What about ancestor worship?
  24. Are there any extra-biblical accounts of a language split?
  25. The origin of writing
  26. What was the original language and How was Moses able to read such texts when he wrote Genesis?
  27. Was Pentecost a reversal of what happened at Babel?
  28. Why is biblical authority so important on this issue?
  29. Conclusion: Seeing Christ at Babel?

The book is packed with images, drawings, maps indicating the movement of the people as well as genealogies since Noah.  Each chapter will answer the question at the beginning of the chapter and highlight the evidence behind the answer.    I love reading such books where I can learn a new perspective of a well-known story and discover the ramifications it has on the world today.    Reading this book opened up my understand and challenge me in taking the time to read more theological books in the future.   As a matter of fact I so loved the book that I decided to purchase the one titled “The Fall of Satan” which was written by the same author.

I find this book could be a great tool for high school level students in order for them to comprehend the event of the Tower of Babel and how it affected the world afterward.   It is also a great book for them to build up their understanding of the Bible as a whole and develop skills that will allow them to defend their faith in the future.   Finally, I think that all believers should read a book like this one in order to deepen their knowledge of events in the Bible and grow in their faith.  

Check out this video presenting the book.

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Disclaimer: Thanks to New Leaf Publishing Group for sending me the above mentioned product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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