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DK Readers Lego Friends

DK Readers Lego Friends
Published at DK Canada

My daughter just love the Lego Friends products and wish she would have more of them.    However, it’s not always possible to get more of this Lego collection for her…   However, DK has now a series of books from the DK Readers that cover the adventures of the Lego Friends.   The DK Readers are great books to encourage your child to read on subjects he/she is interested in.  There are five levels that aim different reading abilities.  This flexibility allow you to choose the books that are right for your child.

  • Pre-Level 1: This level is perfect for kids learning to read.   They use high-frequency words, have a picture word strip, a picture glossary and a simple index.   These books reinforce vocabulary with the help of labels.
  • Level 1: This level is great for kids that have begun to read.  It contains simple sentences and limited vocabulary, a picture glossary and a simple index.
  • Level 2: This specific level is specifically geared for kids who are starting to read alone.   You will find longer sentences and an increased vocabulary, information boxes containing extra details and facts, as well as a simple index.
  • Level 3: This level is for kids that are able to read alone.  It contains more complex sentence structure, information boxes and alphabetical glossary as well as a comprehensive index.
  • Level 4:  This level is specifically for proficient readers.   You will find a rich vocabulary and challenging sentence structure, additional information as well as an alphabetical glossary and a comprehensive index.

The books are designed in a way that an adult can help by providing encouragement, discussing storylines, and sounding the words that can be unfamiliar for the child.  I believe that anyone can read with enthusiasm when he/she reads a book that grabs her interest.    So knowing that my girl loves Lego Friends, I wouldn’t be surprised if she get more interested in learning to read and practice her reading with these two books.

9781465402615HLevel 2 – Let’s Go Riding!

Join Mia and her horse pal Bella on their most fun adventure yet. Full of pretty illustrations accompanied by high-frequency words, picture word strips, and a simple index, Let's Go Riding! is perfect for your young reader.

My Thoughts

In this particular book, you will discover who in the Lego Friends loves horses and how the horses are taking cared for.   Your child will join her friends at Heartlake Stables and at the riding school to meet the horses, discover what the friends would like to do in the future, who is participating to horse shows, how to care for horses and much more.   The book contains seven small chapters and a quiz at the end that will encourage your child to develop reading comprehension.   The goal is to be able to answer a question with a complete sentence and/or to find the answer in the book.   These skills are essential in order to develop quick response when someone talk to you as well as finding information rapidly in a book.

Level 3 – Summer Adventures9781465402592H

School's out and the girls of Heartlake City are off on their latest adventures. Go along with the LEGO® Friends as they spend their summer exploring the city in this new reader from DK!

My Thoughts

Right from the get go I love the covers of this book.   What can I say, I would love to get this specific set of Lego Friends for my daughter…  You see we have an RV of our own and we build up memories with our kids with it.   Summer Adventures will allow your child to experience a summer of fun with Emma, Mia, Andrea, Stephanie and Olivia.   This book contains more chapters as it is a higher level.   A total of 46 stories are included in it – small stories I might add but nevertheless enough to encourage your child to read about her friends at Heartlake City.    At the end, a small quiz is included in order to encourage your child to answer with complete sentence and/or find the answer in the book.   What kind of adventures are included in this book?   Well Stephanie will fly her seaplane, Olivia will go camping in her camper van, Mia will learn to play drums, Andrea will find a summer job, and Stephanie and Ella will write to each other.  There will be also adventures at the beach, time to relax, outdoor adventures as well as indoor ones, and much more.   This book will allow your child to discover how the Friends are spending their time during the summer.

Both books will definitively grab the interest of little girls everywhere.   It’s a whole new way of enjoying the Lego Friends with fun stories using the Lego packages available in the Friends series.

The DK Readers Lego Friends Let’s Go Riding and Summer Adventures are available at your favourite bookstores, even and



The titles are also available for your Kindle or Kindle app.



Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for sending me the above mentioned book for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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