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Kulcar Solar Powered Car Ventilator

kulcarKulcar Solar Powered Car Ventilator
Created by Sonray Technologies

About the Product

Kulcar is a device that will help you keep the car temperature lower when the vehicle is parked in direct exposure of the sun.    Equipped with two highly effective twin turbo fans (9500 rpm per minute) and a 5v high efficacy solar cell, the Kulcar will provide you with a way to keep the comfort level at bay so when you come and sit down in your vehicle you will fell comfortable and not too warm.     A vehicle can easily reach the temperatures of 90 degrees Celsius when sitting in the direct sunshine.   The Kulcar will help to keep the inside temperature of your vehicle around 40 degrees Celsius.

See the cooling effects of the Kulcar solar car cooler on the image below.


Our Thoughts

Thanksgiving week-end in Canada.  The temperature are soaring and a few days earlier I received the Kulcar  Solar Powered Car Ventilator.  The sun is shining and it’s quite warm outside.   A perfect day to try it out on one of our two vehicles; the Toyota Echo or the GM Suburban.   I wanted to install it on my husband’s car since it sits in the sun when he is at a client working.  But we quickly saw a problem with this option… the window was a bit too large and angulated for the rubber stripes.


So we opted for the 2nd row of windows on our Suburban since it was easier to install the Kulcar solar car cooler on it. The installation is quite simple – you have your Kulcar, a tray to store it inside the box, and rubber strips.  The first step is to roll down your window and proceed in installing the short rubber strip on it.   Then you place the Kulcar on the window.   The next step is simple – you need to trim the long rubber strip and position it on the window as well.   When all these parts are installed safely on the window, you have to roll it up while holding the Kulcar.   After the door is closed, you can easily adjust the solar panel to face the sun and slightly tighten the screw on the right.


As you can see, there is a bit of space at the edge of the window as well as around the Kulcar.  The windows on the truck – even if it was a better fit for the Kulcar – are more rounded on the side and made it difficult for us to perfectly fit the car cooler on it.

As soon as the Kulcar was installed on our window, the solar panel immediately kicked in.   The fan was working perfectly with the air from inside the vehicle coming out on the other side of the window.   I was impressed with the creativity of the inventors of this device.  We decided to wait a couple of hours to check both the temperature inside both vehicles.


Two hours later, we went out and proceeded to compare the “coolness” of both vehicles.  We first sat in the Echo and it was very warm in it.   Then we went inside the Suburban.    When we first came out of the house, we immediately realized that the Kulcar wasn’t working…  We immediately saw that because the sun had went further West compared to the position of the truck, the solar panel wasn’t picking up the rays anymore.  Consequently, it explained why the ventilator had stopped.   We sat in the truck and recognized that it was cooler inside it compared to the car.   We also tried to install the Kulcar on the window that was more accessible for the sun and the ventilator immediately started working again.  However, because our rubber strips were cut to fit one specific windows, the tightness of the device wasn’t as perfect as when it was on the first window.    But our little two hours test has provided a much cooler vehicle in the end.

I can see how this device can be useful for us as a family.   Since it is installed on the truck, we can used it plenty when we are at camping with our family during hot summer day.  That way the interior of the truck will stay cool during the day if we need to go on a small adventure with the kids.  But it would be also very useful for us when we are parked in the driveway during the summer time to keep the truck cooler in the sun.   How many times did I found the interior as hot as an oven (okay maybe not that much but still very hot for a human) when we jumped in the Suburban to drive to swimming, Awana, as well as field trips.     Another useful way of using it would be to install the device while you are exploring the zoo while on vacation or any other places you like to visit when in a different city.  The Kulcar does an incredible job in keeping the interior temperature cool for the people who will embark in the vehicle.

To be honest, I had never heard of a solar car cooler before I was approached by Sonray Technologies with an opportunity to review their product and I will admit that I was a bit skeptic.   But after testing it on an extended period of time on a warm fall day, I could easily see how this would be beneficial in the future. 

See this video to see how it works…

As we installed, tested and pondered on the possibilities for it, my husband and I came out with some future possible modifications concerning the rubber stripes.   We definitively like the fact that they are in an harder rubber but we think it would be more convenient to have them a little bit more flexible for us.   Make edges on the side of the rubber stripes would be a solution for this.   Having more flexibility and possibly a longer coverage would allow us to be able to install one on a window that is bigger and more curved like the Echo.   Another thing that we thought would be beneficial for everyone would be to have more than one rubber strip in the box.  This would be nice to have in case you make an error while installing the device, to have another piece to adjust on another window – whether on the same vehicle or another one.    After sharing these ideas to Sonray Technologies, I have been told that they will provide a second rubber strip in the box to their customers from now on.    This is fabulous as it will allow customers to be able to install the device either more than one vehicle or on various sides of a vehicle.    Another idea came into my mind over the week-end after I wrote this review.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a similar device for RVs to keep the interior cooled down without leaving the air conditioner on when you leave the RV?   Maybe an idea for the future after investigating how to adapt the design to fit in windows on an RV.

As for us, the leaves are changing colors and the cool season is coming.   Within weeks the temperature will be much cooler in Ontario and the Kulcar won’t be used as much.  But I am looking forward to take it on our trips next year so that we can keep the temperature cooler inside the truck.  And with plans to possibly go to Florida, owning the Kulcar is very nice indeed.

The Kulcar Car Cooler Ventilator can be purchase via for the price of 89$.

Disclaimer: Thanks to Sonray Technologies for sending me the product for review purposes.  Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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