Monday, October 7, 2013

La Boca

LaBOcaLa Boca
Available from Z-Man Games

About the game

Can you see the yellow piece?”

“No, but the blue piece must be on the second level!”

In ever-changing teams, two partners must combine their sense of observation to reproduce a depicted construction. But building is not everything; since their effort is timed, they will want to succeed as fast as possible for them to score the most points. Once their task is done, a new team is formed and a new task begins. Will you be the one whose building skills will rise above the competition?

Our Thoughts

Last week, we received a new game to discover.   It didn’t take long for us to explore it since we had friends over on Friday.    We didn’t know what to expect when we opened the box and proceeded to read the rules.   Essentially, you will work with various partners in order to re-create the task assigned to you.  The faster you can do the task, the more point you will get.    And because you will change partner often, you don’t know who will win the game in the end.    The challenge is simple.  Select the level of difficulty you desire to play.  If you decide to go with the harder level, you will have one more block to deal with than the easier level.   Working in pair, you have to rebuild the image you see on your side while helping your partner to do his/hers as well.   All the blocks need to be used – no exceptions – and you cannot have spaces under other blocks.    It’s tricky, it’s challenging, it’s fun and definitively out-of-the-ordinary.

That night, we had a blast playing with our friends.  My husband was very impressed with the fact that the game will challenge you to think in three-dimension as well as work as fast as you can in order to make the more point possible.  


The next day, my husband took out the game to play with our two oldest kids – Alexandre age 12 and Dominic age 9.   Even though the game is designed for 12 years old and up, we were quite impressed with our nine years old son who was able to play without having any issues.   The game can be played with three to five players and can last about 40 minutes.   Each card will show one side to the player.   It will encourage communications and allow you to work as a team in order to complete the challenge.



The game comes with 11 wooden pieces, 1 game board, 64 cards with 128 tasks divided into 2 levels of difficulty,  6 large tiles, 30 partner tokens, 100 point chips, 1 electronic timer and 1 rule set.

La Boca is the perfect game to offer at Christmas or birthdays.  It’s not your ordinary game and will offer fun times and building memories to your family.  I know it has become one of our favourite games.  To think that we played more than once over the week-end says a lot.   It’s a game worth discovering with your family and friends.  

La Boca is available for purchase at your favourite specialized games store.  It is available through Z-Man Games for the price of 39.99$.  It is also available on and


Disclaimer: Thanks to Z-Man Games for sending me the product for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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