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Lego Play Book


October is Craft Month at DK Canada and for a limited time they are offering a special deals for fans who love to create something new with their hands.   Whether looking for a long-term hobby or hoping to while away an afternoon, you will find the resources you need with this wide selection of books for kids and adults. From reference books that show the best lighting for a photograph to how to knit a scarf – these books will answer every question and encourage your creative side!

I have been offered some titles to review in order to present them to my readers.   So for three days this week, I will present you the titles I have received.  The first title is one that I know will be very popular in our home – Lego Play Book.


9781465414120HLego Play Book – Ideas to Bring Your Bricks to Life

About the Book

Building on the success of wildly popular The LEGO® Ideas Book, LEGO Play Book has all-new ways to encourage kids to think, build, and play creatively.

Featuring more than 200 different LEGO builds, this fun guide encourages readers to use their imagination and play in new ways, creating amazing LEGO models of their very own. Featuring a mixture of simple, medium, and complex models, LEGO Play Book will teach builders tips and tricks to get the most out of their blocks. All-new models along with all-new photography bring LEGO bricks to life.

There are "ten-minute builds" for quick play sessions, a "cool brick" feature with ideas for using key LEGO bricks, and a "handful of bricks" section exploring what can be done with a limited collection of LEGO bricks. This book is fantastic for any LEGO builder looking to be inspired to build and create.

My Thoughts

When I was younger my mom had purchased me an idea book for Lego constructions.   I remember spending precious time going through this book and building the ideas in it.   Nowadays, Lego has become a huge part of my kids’ lives and I have given them my precious Idea Book from when I was younger – Yes I still had it after so many years…   Last year, I had the opportunity to review the Lego Book which has been extremely adopted in our home.  This time around, DK Canada has published another fabulous book titled Lego Play Book.   When I saw this announced, I know it was a title that would be well received by my avid construction fans.

The book contains numerous ideas for Lego fans – young and old – to develop new skills.  There are five sections in this book that contains ideas based on a specific theme:

Once Upon a Time – Jack’s Journey, Fairy Tale Cottage, Enchanted Forest, Forest Flora, Fairy Tale Creatures, Quests, Troll Bridge, Castle Siege, Giants, Giant’s Kitchen, Fairy Tales Characters, Undersea Characters, Dragon, Fairy Tale Castle, Meet The King, Castle Comforts, Castle Stables, Castle Entertainment, Castle Ballroom.

A Small World – Tiny Travel, City Life, Downtown, City Park, Race Track, Vehicles, Cargo Haulers, Oil Platform, On the Sea Floor, Monsters of the Deep, Ocean Life, Micro-Africa, Prehistoric Beasts, Dangerous Dinosaurs, Micro-Castles, Historical Buildings, Metro Skyline, Outer Space, Future Worlds.

Go Wild – Nature Trail, On Safari, Safari Giants, Safari Truck, Barnyard Beasts, Farm Fowl, Alphabets, Creeping Critters, At the Zoo, Made-Up Creatures, Tropical Fish, Marine Life, At the Poles, Artic Animals.

Things That Go Bump in the Night – Fright Night, Spooky Circus Train, Nightmare Carnival, Haunted House, Witch’s Hovel, Monster Motors, Monster Race, Sweet Dreams, Something in the Bath, Mad Scientist’s Lab, ‘Bots on the Loose, Robot Rampage, The Mummy’s Tomb, Skeleton, Vampire’s Castle, Graveyard.

Wish You Were Here – Earth Mission, Beach Nuts, Ice-Cream Stalls, Beach Accessories, Beach Boats, Hotel Pool, Making a Splash, Beneath the Sea, Extreme Sports, Adventures Up High, Mountain Biking, Water Adventures, Skiing, Snow Transports, Ski Hotel, Holiday Postcards.

Though there isn’t Step-by-Step instructions in this book, it is easy to see how the builders made the various ideas presented in it.   In the pages titled Handful of Bricks, each fan builders included in the book were given a handful of common Lego elements and asked to make as many different models as they could using only the pieces provided.  In these two pages, you can see how creative the builders have been in coming up with fun little constructions for the readers.    Even if I am personally not a big fan of the section titled Things That Go Bump in the Night – I am not a big fan of scary monsters and vampires and such – I find the builders are very ingenious.      My most favourite section is definitively the Go Wild one with all the various creatures that can be build with Lego bricks!


Lego Play Book is packed with fun ideas that will stir up the imagination of your kids – small and big.   I think they images are stunning – full of color and very creative.    The text will provide some insights on how to build with Lego, ideas to get better in building and fun facts to read.   This book is definitively great for a gift for the builder in your house.

DK Canada is currently offering a 30% off on numerous titles in their Craft Boutique.  Not a Lego fan?  No problem, you can find books on how to brew your beer, knitting, photography, sewing, handmade gifts, flower arranging, wood working, drawing, painting, books for kids for craft ideas or drawing, and much more.

Simply click on the image below to get directly on the Craft Boutique of DK Canada.


The Lego Play Book is available for purchase at your favourite bookstore, even and


Disclaimer: Thanks to DK Canada for sending me the above mentioned titles for review purposes. I was not monetarily compensated for this review. Please note that the review was not influenced by the Sponsor in any way. All opinions expressed here are only my own.

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